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Feb, 27 20164 SEO Tactics to Test

Companies like Google and Facebook never cease to devote money, time, and resources into the development of their algorithms. As a result, search engine optimization (SEO) trends and marketing tactics are ever-evolving. Meanwhile, e-commerce sites that already have SEO strategies need to also adapt to these changes if they want to dominate their various markets. Below are 4 SEO Tactics to Test in 2019. Test one or several of these SEO tactics, and you could set your 2019 marketing plan on fire!

1 – Create Useful Content

There are over a billion blogs – tons of content out there so yours must make an impact. Gone are the days where you can hire subpar-mass “writers” to create insincere articles that only clutter your site. In 2019, not only will Google be looking for differing content, but RECENT content. Now is the time to refresh all your evergreen pieces. Unless you are writing something new, it won’t rank.

2 – Voice Search – Do it Now!

Marketing and branding vanguard, Gary Vaynerchuk of VaynerMedia spread the message of voice Technology all through 2017 and 18. If you were one of the risk-takers who took heed and was an early adopter, then you are probably starting to see some results.

Alexa, Google, and Siri are fast becoming ingrained in our daily lives. Because access is easily available, like in our cars, homes and offices, it makes sense to use this as a marketing channel. Here is an outline to get you started:

Optimize Your Product Questions
People use voice search by asking questions vs. broken up phrases. For instance, rather than saying “Boots Leather Handmade Portland”, most users would search, “Where can I buy handmade leather boots in Portland, Oregon?”

In a world where voice will dominate, it is important to learn how to optimize for the featured snippet spot (or position zero). If that doesn’t convince you, know this – by 2020, half of all searches will be voice searches.

3 – Experiment with Newsjacking

Newsjacking is jumping on a trend and putting your own spin on it from another industry or current news. Basically, you are creating newsworthy content to ride the wave of linkable content. Now, not every post should be in the format, but depending on your business, 5-10% is sufficient.

An example: Fortnite, the online game has over 125 million players and is steadily rising. Additionally, the age range of players spans teens to 40+ and the data shows that the popularity transcends gender. In this example, two great newsjacking blog post could easily be created. Here are 3 headlines where Fortnite newsjacking content can work for business.

“5 Business Lessons That Every Small Business Owner Can Learn from Fortnite”

“125 Million Play Fortnite – Learn from 3 Top Entrepreneurs Why You Should Too”

“10 Life Lessons You Are Learning by Playing Fortnite”

4 – Add Amazon Polly to Your Website

What is it?

Amazon Polly is a cloud service that converts text into lifelike speech.

How it Works?

You call one of the speech synthesis methods, provide the text you wish to synthesize, select one of the available Text-to-Speech (TTS) voices, and specify an audio output format. Amazon Polly then synthesizes the provided text into a high-quality speech audio stream.

How Would I Use This?

  • With 75 million sites using WordPress, the fact that there is a WordPress plugin is a game changer!
    • While this technology isn’t brand new, it is ever evolving and only getting better, especially in the very popular world of podcasting. In a 2018 interview, Steve Word, a WP Engine WordPress Core Engineer was most excited about the podcast feature. Steve goes on to say that, “It gives WordPress users the chance to interact with a WordPress site with their ears rather than their eyes; this opens up the door to consume content in a more passive way. You won’t need to allocate time to read content during the day-you’ll be able to listen when you’re driving, on the bus, or wherever you’d listen to music.”
  • Finally, you can serve the blind community great content and better voice quality with Amazon Polly vs. the leading text-to-speech providers. Also, Amazon Polly supports 20+ different languages.

SEO tactics and Google Algorithms are ever changing. So, why not test one or all of these 4 SEO Tactics to Test in 2019? Sure, there are way more than 4 SEO tactics to test, this is just a sample to jumpstart your marketing brain. If you need help with your marketing strategy, send us your questions and we can give you a free evaluation!

Happy Lunar SEO New Year!

-Your Friends from Epic Design Labs
Kal & Keri

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