Jan 18, 2023

3 Ways Case Studies Will Boost Your Business

Does your business include testimonials on your website? If it does, that’s great! They’re a nice snippet of positive content for people to read in order to influence purchasing. The problem is, most websites are doing that now too, which means they have less of an impact due to over saturation. But what about case studies? Imagine taking a testimonial, and leading a potential client on a path that defines WHY and HOW your company can help make their company better. Case studies are essentially a glorified testimonial. But the differences are vast, as are their effectiveness.

Here’s a few reasons why you should include them on your website, to showcase your product or skills:

Case Studies Stimulate Visually

Have you heard the term “seeing is believing” before? If ever, there was an applicable place for that saying, it would be in regards to a case study. This is your opportunity to showcase exactly how your product or service solved another businesses or individual’s problems. But the best part is, you do it through an interview of sorts.

A video interview, to be exact. You go through the preliminary discovery phase, which entails identifying the problem(s) a business is having, how it impacts their company, and who or what is causing the issues. Then you discuss what has been tried before to try and solve the problem. And finally you explain the solution. All of this is done on video, with a walk through visual that allows people to see the frustration clients were having, the why’s and why not’s of different attempts or ideas to eliminate the business obstacles, and finally the happy conclusion when the problem has been solved. All of the before and after processes, those “throw your hands in the air” moments that you or I might have, or be having, will be visually accountable, and ultimately resolved. Your future prospects will probably be able to relate to many of the things that hold people back in business, so seeing those problems solved through a video will certainly be a motivator. Which in turn, will also motivate people to contact you, to help them with their problems.

Video Builds Trust and Familiarity

Articles about subjects that you find interesting are certainly very useful. They provide you with plenty of information to better inform you about products and services, give you ideas, or help you solve problems you might be experiencing. But what they fail to convey is who YOU are. People tend to gravitate to businesses, services, or products that offer at least a glimpse into what their products and services can do, or who they are as a company. This process is part of the reason behind having an “about us” and “team” page that familiarize website visitors with your group. But adding video is what sets you apart.

With video, your voice can actually be heard. Your product can be seen in action. And your services can be shown in detail. All of these elements can (and should) be demonstrated in case studies. Just as we talked about visual stimulation being an effective selling point, it also gives insight into your character as a person. When people see and hear you, they will generally feel more comfortable about trusting your business to deliver the product or service they’re seeking. Especially when they see you interacting with an actual customer. Of course, you should be on your best behavior to some extent, but not so much that your actions and explanations seem forced. We’re all aware of what a sales pitch sounds like, and frankly, we want to know more about you and your product. If we choose to buy, it won’t be because you gave us a sales pitch in most cases. Instead, it will be based on proving the value of what you offer, and showing you’re someone who can be trusted through familiarizing potential clients.

Prospects Get a Taste of What You Offer

This is the ultimate purpose of case studies. Showing an interested party exactly who they’re working with, what types of problems you can solve, and the manner in which you’ll make those problems go away. No matter what you offer, seeing the frustration of issues, followed by accounting for why they’re problems, and ultimately resolving them, is a relatable process for most everyone. That sense of finality and redemption for helping someone overcome obstacles is real. Why not turn that journey into an actual experience for all to see? You will be offering a sad story that has a happy ending. Don’t most all of us prefer to see a positive conclusion?

These are some of the biggest reasons why your website business should include case studies to better inform prospects. If you’re not sure about the best way to go about producing case studies of your own, don’t be afraid to enlist the help of web design and marketing experts who know exactly how to build your success.