Jan 20, 2023

Do You Even NEED a Web Designer?

A lot of people contact us, looking at designs as a commodity. They don’t see value in quality. They just need something that puts their stuff on a page. They don’t need anything special. They think.

So the question exists. Do you even NEED a web designer?

I can tell you that different people answer this question differently. Lots of people think so and these are either people who have long been successful in their niches, or people starting out with a strong vision and dream. Lots of people think not and these tend to be the people who tell me they don’t get much business from the internet, or people who don’t think their clients even look at their site before doing business with them. Both sets are probably right… and both sets tend to do vastly different levels of business.

I’ve had the chance to meet many ecommerce store owners earning over 20-30 million dollars in online only revenue through their sites. I’ve yet to meet one who did so without a web designer.

Hiring a Web Designer is About Branding Yourself or Setting Yourself Apart as Different and Special.

Consider for a minute a guy wearing two different suits.

Would you be more inclined to hire one to work for you? or to be your lawyer? I’ll give you a hint… that image came from a dating site telling men how to have better luck getting a date. One of those suits has a way better chance, yet it’s the same person either way.

When people shop for your product or service they are going to buy from whoever they trust, respect and like. You know this. You also know that appearances are important and your initial impression is made before you even speak.

The same is true of your website as well. When people come to your site, it’s not the only site in your niche they’re looking at. If you’re a roofer, they’re going to look through 5 to 10 sites at least before making a decision. What they’re trying to decide is ‘who is the best person/business/company for me to give my money to.’ They aren’t looking for second best. They’re looking for the best and the way to look your best is to have a designer help you. Second best will still get some sales. The fat guy in a bad suit will still get a date… but only when they hot guy in the fitted suit is already taken.

If you’re starting up and on a budget, then by all means wear a website off the rack. You have to do what you have to do to get started. We’ve all been there. If you’ve been around a while and want to kick it up a notch though, it’s probably time to get some professional help and call a web designer. We look forward to speaking with you.