COVID Resources

It’s easy to think in a time like this that we should ‘turtle’ and hope its better in a week or a month. It may be… but waiting is the worst thing we can do right now. We may be stuck in our homes for a bit but this is the perfect time to work on our marketing and take care of all those little things that we never have time for.

We at Epic Design Labs want to help. We are committed to building this page out to include resources that you may need, and to provide constructive ideas that you can work on during this downtime.

These will be short videos that you can take action on EVERY DAY and make your business that much stronger and ready for a comeback when the COVID cloud lifts.

Check back daily for more ideas and resources, or fill in your info below so we can email you daily with more golden nuggets.

We can get through this together.

05/29/20 – DOWNLOADABLES & DISTRIBUTION 05/28/20 – REWRITING FOR DISTRIBUTION 05/26/20 – HAT CLARITY 05/25/20 – INSTAGRAM SPRUCING + LINKTREE 05/22/20 – TEAM THINK! 05/21/20 – SYSTEMATIZE YOUR CONTACT PROCESS 05/20/20 – RECORD AN “ABOUT VIDEO” 05/19/20 – HOW TO COMMUNICATE CHANGES FOR YOUR BUSINESS 05/18/20 RECOMMENDATIONS ON LINKEDIN 05/15/20 – MAKE YOUR MAIN MENU MAGNIFICENT 05/14/20 – HOW TO UTILIZE YOUR PROFESSIONAL PARTNERSHIPS 05/13/20 – DO A “FRESH EYES REVIEW” ON YOUR CONTENT 05/12/20 – EMAILS AND A/B TESTING – TRY IT! 05/11/20 – SLIDEOUT POP-OUTS ON YOUR WEBSITE 05/09/20 – A CLEAN LIST IS A GOOD LIST! 05/08/20 – LEARN HOW TO EFFECTIVELY MANAGE GROUP INBOXES 05/07/20 – RADICAL HONESTY & YOUR WEBSITE – TIME FOR A CHECKUP 05/06/20 – SHARE YOUR WORK PROCESS & TURN IT INTO CONTENT 05/05/20 – MAKE A DIFFERENCE 05/04/20 – BUYING BRANDED MERCHANDISE FOR YOUR BUSINESS 05/03/20 – BUILD A LINKEDIN LISTICLE 05/02/20 – SET UP YOUR PINTEREST FOR BUSINESS 05/01/20 – BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE FROM CLIENTS 04/30/20 – POST SALE FOLLOW-UPS 04/29/20 – GET ORGANIZED AS A TEAM 04/28/20 – INDUSTRY PODCASTS 04/27/20 – USER VIDEOS & HEATMAPS 04/26/20 – TIME TO CHECK GOOGLE ANALYTICS 04/25/20 – DO AN AUDIT ON YOUR COMPETITION 04/24/20 – SETTING CLIENT EXPECTATIONS 04/23/20 – POST A BEHIND THE SCENES VIDEO 04/22/20 – TEAM BRAG! 04/21/20 – CREATE ‘HOW TO’ VIDEOS 04/20/20 – JOIN A FACEBOOK GROUP! 04/19/20 – MOBILE TEST YOUR WEBSITE 04/18/20 – ALL ABOUT YOUR VALUE PROPOSITION 04/17/20 – LEARN HOW TO MAKE A KILLER FACEBOOK GRAPHIC 04/16/20 – PERFORMING A PHONE AUDIT 04/15/20 – Setup Push Notifications 04/14/20 – IMPROVING YOUR META TAGS 04/13/20 – Building Trust On Your Website 04/12/20 – Get More Reviews 04/11/20 – Write the Easiest Blog Post 04/10/20 – Structure Your Business for Profit 04/09/20 – Create an Effective Thank You Page & Email 04/08/20 – Build a Recommendations Page 04/07/20 – Use Video To Increase Engagement — Going Live on Facebook! 04/06/20 – Use Google Alerts To Monitor Your Brand & Industry 04/05/20 – Update Your LinkedIn 04/04/20 – Humanize your company 04/03/20 – Check Your Incoming Lead Methods 04/02/20 – Use FAQs to Grow Your Business 04/01/20 – Simple SEO Tips To Try Today – Boost Your Traffic! 03/31/20 – How to Update Your Social Media Cover Photos 03/30/20 – Dust Off That Google My Business Listing


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