Squarespace is a user-friendly web service that allows you to quickly and affordably create websites. When you sign up, there are hundreds of templates you can choose from and, if you love a template, you can simply replace it with your own content and be done. However, thousands of websites already use those templates.  If you want your Squarespace website to stand out, you need to customize it to showcase your unique brand.

That’s where Squarespace designers like us come in. You tell us what makes your business unique and what web design features you love and we’ll create an original Squarespace site for you at a fraction of the cost of traditional web design services.

Why Choose Epic Design Labs?

You’ve got plenty of freelance Squarespace web designers to choose from so, why choose us?

Biggest reason: Our famous 1-day launch.

Our goal at Epic Design Labs is to design beautiful, flawlessly functioning Squarespace websites for our clients while saving them time and money. The way we do that is by promising our clients that, once we’ve received all the information we need, we will design and launch their website in a single, scheduled day.

Here’s how the 1 Day Launch works:

After we’ve met, agreed on your sitemap and collected your site content (You can learn more about these steps under “Our Design Process” below), we’ll pick a design day when someone from your team will be available to pop in and out of meetings all day. I’ll spend that entire day working on your site and meeting with your designated team member off and on to check in and make sure you’re happy with how the site’s design is progressing or if you want changes to be made. If at the end of the day you’re satisfied with your Squarespace site, we’ll launch it immediately.

Our Design Process

Our design process is easy and created to save you time and money. Just complete these four steps and we’ll have your Squarespace website designed, up and running:

  1. Tell us about yourself. Before we get started we’ll ask for basic information about what you’re looking for and what’s your budget.
  2. Help us design your sitemap. We’ll have a meeting to talk in-depth about your vision and the site elements that need to be included to create it.
  3. Send us your content. If you don’t have any content yet, don’t worry. We’ll give you list of recommended content that typical viewers want to see when they browse sites. Once you’ve sent it to us, it’ll be time to bring your site to life.
  4. Participate in design day. As promised above, we design and launch Squarespace sites in a single day so that you can start building your brand. If at the end of design day you’re happy with your website, we will launch it immediately.

How much will your Squarespace site cost?

A lot less than you might think. Our Squarespace sites start at just $1,000. We’re able to keep our Squarespace sites affordable because we practice growth driven design.

Growth driven design means that the initial website we create for you features all the qualities you need for your Squarespace website to be successful while leaving out the expensive add-ons and advanced design features that you don’t need when you first launch your site. Once your business and/or your aesthetic needs grow, we’ll grow with you. We have design packages starting as low as $500 per month to periodically refresh your website with stylish new features.

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