Pinterest Expert

Job Description

As a pinterest expert, you’ll manage pinterest accounts for multiple brands. You will need to stay on top of the latest trends, techniques and tools to grow the accounts and help develop and implement Pinterest strategies and goals to build following, increase traffic and sales.

You will work within our marketing team to not only improve Pinterest accounts, but to have them dovetail with other marketing efforts to create a greater result.


  • Manage multiple pinterest accounts
  • Use appropriate software tools to leverage time and results
  • Use appropriate analytics tools to research and prove effectiveness
  • Constantly learn to stay ahead in the Pinterest world.

Skills Needed

We’re looking for an expert who already knows not only how to grow a following, but also how to use Pinterest in a way to drive traffic.

  • Able to use Google Analytics
  • Able to use Pinterest Analytics
  • Very familiar with rich pins
  • Great communication skills
  • Able to work on a team and with a team
  • Able to deal with clients and wow them
  • Able to learn. Loves to learn.
  • Able to research and find solutions to problems.
  • Problem solver
  • Experience with buyable pins a plus
  • Ability to design/product awesome pinterest graphics to make the pins super clickable is a plus



  • Must have experience with Boardbooster
  • Must have experience with Tailwind
  • Must have track record to show of proven Pinterest results


Overall we’re looking for someone who loves loves loves Pinterest. If you’d love to only do Pinterest work going forward, you might be the right person. If you are also a web developer or an SEO or a barista or something… this is probably not the right fit.

This job will be for one initial brand, but if it goes well, the work will expand to other accounts as well.  We want you to grow with us!

Please submit your personal Pinterest page or pages that you’ve worked on when you apply.

Also, please be fun to work with! We love awesome people.

How To Apply

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