Need a Better BigCommerce Partner?

If you’re looking to grow your conversions through better design, development, marketing, we’d love to chat.

Our team of BiggCommerce experts has built over 1,000 custom stores since 2010 and helped our clients generate millions in revenue.

We can help take your business from zero to hero.


We Help With

Ecommerce Buildouts

Looking to build your new store or replatform?

We’ll wireframe, design & develop your new store and help with any other necessary bits like products, apps and consultation. We want to empower store owners to do what they’re great at, and we’re here to help with everything else.

Ongoing Proactive Support

Done with freelancers and ready for a proactive partner?

For the established business that can afford and benefit from an experienced agile dev team, with direct communication, regular meetings, analytics consulting, proactive ideation from your actual data and more, let’s get in the data and grow your business together.

2.0 Rebuilds

Is your store looking tired?

Taking stores up five notches in a 2.0 build is our superpower. Let’s keep what works, bring in fresh ideas, clean modern design, and fresh code without all the spaghetti code that’s been holding you back.

Performance Marketing

Ready to crush it?

A hungry marketing team paid on performance can be a true partner for your business. Whether you’re looking for an end to end relationship or a team unleashed to turn the crawl of growth into a marathon... for the right client, we put our paycheck where our mouth is.

Discover how we can help you business achieve these goals


Why Epic Design Labs?

We have designed, built and marketed custom BigCommerce stores since 2010, working with countless 6, 7 & 8 figure brands to grow their stores. We do all the hard stuff, including buiding apps, and actually support our clients.

High Quality Design

We don’t use low converting premade themes, we design from scratch to create a user experience that converts

We Code, Not Outsource

We don’t farm it out so things don’t get lost in translation. By doing the work ourself, we can deliver what we promise on time and done right.

Proactive Support

We support our clients when they need us, but more than that... we offer plans to bring ideas to the table too... so we can grow your store.

Let a digital facelift and a better partnership set you free.


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