I Don’t Need Facebook Marketing, Right?

Oct, 4 2012I Don’t Need Facebook Marketing, Right?

I hear it a lot. I don’t need Facebook marketing. I don’t need Twitter. I don’t need LinkedIn. The list goes on. I hear this constantly from people who have been successful for decades and they may be right. They might not need Facebook and social media. Unless they want to connect to their clients, that is. According to a recent survey of small businesses by Manta, 78% of small businesses surveyed have reported gaining new customers in the last year through “online or social media channels.” So are you getting clients from your competition or is your competition getting clients from you?

The fact is social media isn’t something you NEED.

It isn’t something you USE as a TOOL to GET clients. Social media is the new wave relationship with your clients. This is a concept that established business people sometimes have a hard time with.

In the olden days, you would create an ad and distribute it. People would see those ads and choose to react or not, so basically you won the game if your ad triggered a response. In today’s world, many of your target clients no longer watch TV ads thanks to TIVO and online viewing. Many of them recycle their phone books as soon as they arrive. Many make use of the do not call list and throw away junk mail without reading it.

So how do you reach those people?
By ENGAGING with them.

Facebook and social media allow you to interact with your clients. Sure you can show them an ad, but you can also stimulate their thinking, make them laugh, or even make them feel rewarded. In return your clients can have a conversation with you, research you, and share what they think of you with their friends.

So do you need Facebook marketing? Maybe not. If your clients are on Facebook though, you can be sure they are hearing someone’s message. If you want to reach them, embrace social media today and start the conversation.

Change is good my friends.