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My name is Kalon Wiggins and I’d love to help you improve your rank on search engines like Google and Bing to assist more potential clients in finding you, and help you increase your revenue.

You’ve arrived at this page looking for Portland SEO most likely because you found us as a result of our own Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Portland Oregon is one of the top 30 cities by size in the United States, so as you can imagine, ranking on page one as a Portland SEO Expert is a difficult task with so much competition in the market. If we can rank ourselves for this term in such a competitive market, imagine what we might do for your business as well.

Epic Design Labs is the best Portland OR SEO, not only because we can rank our site or yours but because clients love us. We do more than just effective SEO. We are a full-service marketing agency that can help you get more traffic in all sorts of ways. Then we turn that traffic into leads, so that you can turn those leads into clients. It’s easy to get lost in numbers, stats and details when looking for Portland SEO Experts. Keep your eye on the prize and remember that no matter what you do, it all comes down to whether or not it translates to more clients. Let us use our system to help you increase your revenues like we have done for hundreds of other happy clients.

Press the get started button and fill out our discovery form to get started. This will help us get some relevant information to discuss in our initial call so that we can help you more effectively. This call should take less than an hour to see if we’re a good fit, and if so we’ll dig into your situation deeper and formulate a plan for success, as well as present some options to help you achieve your goals. We know we can help and we’re willing to guarantee a page-one result on Google.

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Why Do You Need SEO?

Being first on Google for the right search can mean a lot of new clients for your business. You can get there by paying for clicks, or by showing you deserve to be there by doing good Search Engine Optimization. Finding the right agency can make all the difference. Every day there are people searching online for your product or service. If they’re finding someone other than you, then not being visible is simply costing you money and giving your competitors more marketing dollars to use against you.

Websites need to have high-quality content that is optimized for higher rankings in Google, Yahoo and Bing. Proper optimizing and content strategies can really convey the popularity of your site, service, and products making Google want to display you more, and more clients wanting to call you.

Great SEO isn’t about tricks and gimmicks. It’s about concentrating on what matters the most. It’s important to understand that when people do a Google search for your product or service, they’re really just asking a question. A question you want to be the best answer for. We can help you show Google that you are the best answer.

Hiring an SEO Expert can save you a lot of time versus optimizing your site yourself. The way search engines calculate your value is confusing, and changing all the time. It can be a full-time job just keeping up with what works, much less taking the time to implement it. Expert optimizers know what your site needs and can get it done faster, while you focus on running your business.

The proof is in the results. Moving up in the search results makes you stand out against your competition.

One hidden benefit of hiring a Portland SEO Expert is the periodic consultations that we use to update you on your results. These can also make great strategy sessions where we can reflect on any other ideas you have to market your business, and discuss other ways we might magnify your results. Fill out our questionnaire and find out how we can help you dominate your market and get more leads.

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Target the Right People

One thing often overlooked in content writing and site optimization is audience targeting. It’s easy to get caught up in keywords and traffic levels, but without proper analysis of the keywords you’re targeting, you might spend a lot of time, effort, and money optimizing for terms that don’t bring buyers. You’ll want to constantly analyze your keywords and your placement of them, and compare the results you’re getting against your conversion rates. Some topics might bring a lot of traffic but no buyers, and others might be smaller traffic numbers but loaded with deals. It’s important to find the RIGHT terms to get the RIGHT people so that you can get a strong return on your investment.

Combining in-depth keyword and traffic research with conversion review, your Portland SEO Consultants should be able to bring more traffic to your page, and more importantly, more sales to your bottom line.

SEO is Cost Effective

We believe strongly that money spent on marketing should get you a positive ROI. We can show you in-depth information from Google about how many people are already searching for your product or service to give you an idea of what you stand to gain by ranking better. We can help you get vital information about how many people show up to your website, and how many of them come from organic searches versus other methods. By measuring conversions, we can show you the percentages of your traffic that take the next step in your process, whether that’s submitting an email, buying your product, or even just calling you. We insist on solid metrics so that we can prove the value of our service, but also to help you succeed in your business.

There are many ways of getting more traffic to your site. Many businesses throw money at marketing methods that end up being a waste and doesn’t have measurable results. The great thing about SEO is that you can see the effect by Googling your keywords any time. You can see people showing up to your site in your analytics. You can see your sales going up, through conversion metrics. Best of all, SEO efforts build on themselves. This means the longer you engage in SEO, the better your results should be overall. SEO can scale to many budgets as well, since not everything has to be done at once. You can slowly optimize more and more pages, and web properties as time goes on. In the long run, SEO can be one of the least expensive ways to get new clients, also known as ‘cost per acquisition.’

Finding the Right SEO Expert

Most business owners are inundated with outsourcers and SEO firms spamming them with offers. The right company doesn’t need to rely on cheesy tactics to get clients. If the spammers were great at SEO, they’d simply come up in the search results when you search for a Portland SEO Expert. They don’t. We do. Work with someone local that you can trust. Work with an expert that can prove his worth with a simple Google search. Work with an SEO Portland business with a great reputation and proof that they can get results.

Epic Design Labs is a Portland-owned company. We don’t outsource your optimization. Everything is done in-house by a team that does this full time, speaks English, and can answer your questions in plain English. We hire the best because we believe in World Class Service. We can help you get found on Google, improve or redesign your website, and even help you spread your influence on social media.

It’s really important that whoever you choose to help you with your site can provide references, proof, and a portfolio of real, happy clients. Dig into our background, experience, and references and make the right choice to take your business to the next level.

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