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Is your website secure?

The internet is a dangerous place. WordPress is a terrific platform, but it has the largest target on it's back. Between the core code, themes, and plugins, there are hundreds of thousands of lines of code and hackers find opportunities to infiltrate it every day. You can reasonably secure it, as long as you have a plan to update it frequently and maintain daily backups. We can help with that.

Get the Support You Need

Staying up to date is a job for a professional. You have a business to run. Our job it to keep your system running.

Our 'Digital Support' plan includes:

  • High-quality WordPress hosting - We use the best WordPress hosting available. This makes for sites that load faster and with fewer problems. Friends don't let friends use cheap hosting.
  • Core, Theme, & Plugin Updates - We'll take care of applying all updates so that as vulnerabilities are exposed, you have the fixes applying quickly and automatically, protecting you from hackers.
  • Daily Backups - You need to backup your site daily AND be able to restore it if something goes wrong. This lets you get up and running quicker and without huge restoration costs. A backup is only good if you know how to restore it. We can.
  • Change tickets - All those tiny little changes you'd love to implement on your site... we'll take care of them. Without the nickel and diming...
  • Uptime monitoring - If your site goes down, you need to know before your customers do. Uptime monitoring notifies us of a significant problem so we can resolve it quickly.

Our 'Digital Partner' plan includes:

  • Everything in the Digital Support plan.
  • Growth-driven design cycles to improve your site using real visitor data.


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WordPress Care Plan FAQs

We do not require a long-term WordPress maintenance contract. Our Wordpress care plans are month-to-month. We do ask that you give us 30 days notice when cancelling.

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