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Epic Modal Login Popup

This app allows a website visitor to log into your store through a modal popup, and be redirected to the page of your choice, instead of going to your theme's login page and being redirected to the account page.

Instead, you can redirect them to whatever page you like, or have them stay on the current page which will refresh after a successful login.

Beyond being a great customer experience, this is especially vital for stores that want to show pricing or other data only to logged-in customers. Now you can have them login without losing track of which page they were on.


  • Displays a 'modal' login popup when a user clicks to log in to your store

  • Advanced settings allow style, color, and text changes or the popup

  • Trigger the popup easily with any element class or id, or multiple classes/ids

  • Works with all BigCommerce themes

  • Fully responsive and mobile-friendly