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Unlock the potential of your BigCommerce store with our 10+ years of experience in creating visually stunning, high-converting online storefronts.

Imagine the perfect online store for your business, one that captivates customers and drives sales through a seamless user experience. Sounds like a dream, right? With Epic Design Labs, a leading BigCommerce designer with over 13 years of experience, that dream can become a reality. Partnering with skilled BigCommerce designers like Epic Design Labs can elevate your BigCommerce website to new heights.

From industry experience to innovative solutions, customization, advanced features, seamless integration, ongoing support, and case studies, we’ll dive deep into the world of BigCommerce design and showcase the expertise Epic Design Labs brings to the table as top-notch bigcommerce designers. Ready to transform your online store? Let’s get started!

Key Takeaways

  • The Epic Design Labs team are reliable BigCommerce web designers with 13+ years of experience in creating custom online stores.

  • Expertise in designing successful BigCommerce websites, offering custom layouts and features to enhance customer interaction & increase business revenue.

  • Offers innovative solutions for increased conversions, optimized visibility & tailored services for an exceptional shopping experience.

Expertise in BigCommerce Design

The world of e-commerce is vast and ever-changing. To stay competitive, your online store needs to be on a robust platform like BigCommerce, designed to perfection by an expert BigCommerce designer. Epic Design Labs, a team with over 13 years of experience in creating custom online stores, is a reliable and skilled BigCommerce web designer. They specialize in crafting captivating designs that prioritize conversion rate optimization (CRO) to maximize ROI and conversion rates.

Working with an experienced BigCommerce designer like Epic Design Labs offers numerous benefits, including scalable solutions, a strategic partnership for ongoing design work, and the competitive edge your e-commerce site needs. Their expertise in BigCommerce design and development, combined with their digital marketing prowess, ensures that your custom, bigcommerce website design not only looks stunning but also delivers results.

Industry Experience

Epic Design Labs boasts a well-established track record in the industry, having designed successful BigCommerce stores for a range of businesses. Their experienced BigCommerce designers have sharpened their abilities through years of hands-on project work, mastering various aspects such as:

  • BigCommerce Web design

  • Development

  • Digital marketing

  • Data migration

  • Coding

  • Customization tailored to the BigCommerce platform

Examples of great BigCommerce Web design by Epic Design Labs include SnoJax’s revamped site, showcasing exquisite design enriched with custom website layouts and features, and Caliber Equipment’s website, designed with custom layouts that presented their cleaning machines in a unique and informative manner.

Their tailored approach to BigCommerce web design promises engaging designs that boost customer interaction, drive sales, and increase both cart size and overall business revenue on a BigCommerce site, making it a successful ecommerce site.

Innovative Solutions

Staying ahead of the curve is vital in a competitive e-commerce landscape. Epic Design Labs stands out as a leading provider of innovative solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs and business goals each. Their services include:

  • Exceptional design, development, and marketing solutions to help businesses increase conversions and drive more traffic to their websites

  • SEO services to optimize online visibility

  • PPC management to optimize advertising campaigns

Responsive design, mobile-friendliness, and purposeful animations are just a few examples of the innovative solutions Epic Design Labs implements to enhance the user experience and give your BigCommerce website a competitive edge. By partnering with the right BigCommerce designer, your business and brand can benefit from tailor-made solutions that not only look stunning but also deliver results.

Customizing Your BigCommerce Store

A customized BigCommerce store is like a well-tailored suit, designed to fit your business perfectly and showcase its unique identity. Epic Design Labs specializes in customizing BigCommerce stores, ensuring an enhanced user experience, increased sales, and better search engine optimization for your custom website. With our expertise, your ecommerce store will stand out from the competition.

With customization, your BigCommerce store can offer advanced functionalities such as:

  • Search and filtering options

  • Custom-crafted collections pages

  • Attractive mega menus

  • Engaging product pages that resonate with your target audience.

Given that 81% of shoppers conduct online research before making a purchase, having a well-designed, responsive BigCommerce store is vital for ecommerce businesses to differentiate themselves.

Enhanced User Experience

User experience is the cornerstone of any successful e-commerce website, and Epic Design Labs understands that. They focus on improving user experience to drive customer engagement and conversions. By constructing their site features a well-thought-out information architecture, ensuring accessibility, and incorporating micro-interactions and purposeful animations, they create a seamless browsing experience that keeps customers coming back for more.

Take Creamcity Music, for example. Epic Design Labs designed their BigCommerce store with advanced search and filtering options, mobile-friendly design, and countdown timers to optimize the user experience and facilitate customers’ search for desired items.

Epic Design Labs prioritizes user experience, aiding businesses in attracting and retaining customers, which ultimately boosts sales.

Increased Sales

Creating a customized BigCommerce store with unique features and optimized design can significantly impact sales. Epic Design Labs, with their industry expertise, as BigCommerce web designers, crafts stores that drive customer engagement and increase revenue. By implementing features such as product filtering, product reviews, and abandoned cart recovery, they enable customers to locate desired products quickly and conveniently.

Countdown timers, like those used on Creamcity's website, generate a sense of urgency and motivate customers to complete their purchases. This combination of advanced features, strategic design, and functionality results in increased sales, ensuring that your BigCommerce platform becomes a powerful sales tool for your business.

Better Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the key to driving organic traffic to your online store. Epic Design Labs prioritizes SEO best practices when designing and developing custom BigCommerce stores. By optimizing user behavior metrics and adjusting on-page SEO elements, they enhance your store’s search engine ranking and visibility.

A higher search ranking means more potential customers will find your store when searching for products or services related to your business. This increase in visibility online sales, coupled with a captivating and user-friendly store design, leads to more traffic, higher engagement, and ultimately, increased revenue.

Advanced Features for Your BigCommerce Store

Offering unique and advanced features that distinguish your BigCommerce website is necessary to stay competitive in the e-commerce world. Epic Design Labs excels in providing a full range of advanced features for BigCommerce stores, including:

  • Custom design

  • Branding

  • UX optimization

  • Advanced sliders

  • Marketing services

Implementing these advanced features and functionality can transform your BigCommerce platform into a potent sales tool that draws in and retains customers, thereby increasing revenue and business growth. With Epic Design Labs, you can stay one step ahead of the competition and provide an exceptional shopping experience for your customers.

Seamless Integration with Third-Party Services

Integrating third-party services can be a game-changer for your online store, enhancing its capabilities and streamlining operations. Some of the benefits of integrating third-party services include:

  • Improved customer experience

  • Increased efficiency and productivity

  • Expanded functionality and features

  • Enhanced data management and analytics

At Epic Design Labs, we are skilled in providing seamless integration of third-party services, ensuring a swift and efficient process for your online store.

Whether it’s payment gateways, shipping services, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, or analytics tools, Epic Design Labs can integrate a variety of third-party services with your BigCommerce website. This seamless integration offers a range of advantages such as enhanced customer and enhances user experience,, heightened sales, and enhanced search engine optimization, ultimately contributing to your store’s success.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Just like a physical store, your online store needs regular upkeep and improvements to stay relevant and successful. Epic Design Labs recognizes this need and offers ongoing support and maintenance for clients’ ecommerce websites. They ensure optimal efficiency and performance for maximum sales and conversions, providing ongoing insights and development as a BigCommerce partner and developer.

By partnering with Epic Design Labs, you can rest assured that your store remains up-to-date fully responsive and optimized, consistently delivering the best possible shopping experience for your customers. This continuous support and maintenance plays a vital role in sustaining a competitive edge in the constantly changing e-commerce landscape.

Case Studies: Successful BigCommerce Stores Designed by Epic Design Labs

To truly understand the expertise and results-driven approach Epic Design Labs brings to the table, let’s explore some case studies showcasing successful BigCommerce stores designed by them. These case studies demonstrate their proficiency as BigCommerce web designers and developers and their commitment to creating custom, user-friendly stores that are optimized for search engine visibility and improved sales.

One such example is RVGearPro, a store designed by Epic Design Labs that perfectly showcases their expertise in creating a captivating mobile responsive and functional store. By implementing innovative design solutions and prioritizing user experience, Epic Design Labs has helped numerous businesses transform their ecommerce websites and achieve success in the competitive world of e-commerce.

Tips for Choosing the Right BigCommerce Designer

Selecting the right BigCommerce web designer is a crucial decision that can impact the success of your online store. When choosing a designer, consider factors such as experience, portfolio, and client testimonials. Look for a designer with a proven track record in BigCommerce website design and experience in your industry.

Also, evaluate their portfolio to ensure they have the capacity to create a custom design that meet your requirements and resonate with your target audience. Client testimonials can provide valuable insights into the designer’s proficiency in delivering high-quality work in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Taking these factors into account will allow you to confidently select the right partner or a BigCommerce designer, such as Epic Design Labs, to revamp your online store and drive its success.


In the competitive world of e-commerce, partnering with a skilled and experienced BigCommerce designer like Epic Design Labs is essential for success. With their expertise in industry experience, innovative solutions, customization, advanced features, seamless integration, ongoing support, and a results-driven approach, they can transform your online store into a powerful sales tool.

By choosing the right BigCommerce designer, you can elevate your store to new heights, providing an exceptional shopping experience for your customers and driving increased sales and revenue. Don’t settle for less – invest in your online store’s success by partnering with Epic Design Labs today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why not use BigCommerce?

The BigCommerce platform may not be the best choice for those looking for an easy and fast ecommerce solution. It uses complicated tech-speak and its custom design functionalities are limited, making it better suited for experienced web-based businesses rather than small businesses. For those who are looking for an easy and fast ecommerce solution, there are other options available. These solutions are often more user-friendly and offer more custom design options, making them better suited

Does BigCommerce have a website builder?

Yes, BigCommerce has a website builder that includes many features, suitable for both beginner and advanced users, with the ability to integrate your choice of payment processors.

What are the disadvantages of BigCommerce?

The BigCommerce platform has its drawbacks, including an annual sales threshold, lack of email marketing tools, no subscription features, and no multilingual options.

What experience should I seek in a BigCommerce designer?

Look for a BigCommerce designer with deep understanding and experience in both the BigCommerce platform and your industry for the best results.

What advanced features can a customized BigCommerce store offer?

A customized BigCommerce website can offer advanced features such as search and filtering options, collections pages, mega menus, and product pages for an improved shopping experience.