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Agency CollaborationIn Search of the PerfectEcommerce Development Partner?

In Search of the Perfect Ecommerce Development Partner?

Look no further. At Epic Design Labs, we specialize in seamless ecommerce development. Ditch the constant stream of outreach emails and partner with a top-tier agency that deeply understands the nuances of ecommerce.

With 13 years of expertise as both a BigCommerce Development Agency and a Shopify Development Agency, our team ensures every project we undertake stands out in the digital landscape.

Our Collaboration Expertise

Working in tandem with other agencies, our core strengths lie in:

  • Ecommerce Builds: Transform your design files, be it PSDs, Figma, or XD, into dynamic ecommerce sites.

  • 2.0 Rebuilds: Rethink, redesign, and rebuild to align with today's ever-evolving digital needs.

  • Ongoing Support Plans: Ensuring the smooth operation and efficiency of your ecommerce sites post-launch.

How We Collaborate

  1. Design-to-Development: Hand us your design files, and we'll translate them into fully optimized ecommerce platforms.

  2. From Wireframes to Websites: Entrust us with your wireframes, and we'll elevate them with designs, refining as needed, before diving into development.

  3. Ideas to Implementation: Bring us a client with a vision. We'll handle everything from wireframing to design, development, and deployment.

Our ultimate aim? To bolster your agency's reputation, ensuring your clients succeed and amplifying the value you offer.

White-Labeling & Direct Collaboration

Yes, we offer white-label BigCommerce development. But, we encourage a direct partnership approach, where we can:

  • Enhance Client Value: Direct interaction allows us to offer richer consultations, ensuring maximum value for your clients.

  • Aid in Scoping: A frequent hiccup? Underscoping due to limited discovery. With our involvement from the outset, we can ensure the scope aligns with the project needs, preventing unexpected challenges down the line.

While white-labeling remains an option, a transparent, trusting relationship ensures success for all involved.

Ready for a Fruitful Partnership?

Elevate your ecommerce projects with a partner that complements your strengths.

Get Started with Epic Design Labs today for a future-focused collaboration.

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