About Epic Design Labs

Based in Portland Oregon Our ❤️ is Ecommerce

About Epic Design Labs

Epic Design Labs is a Portland-based web services business. We specialize in high-quality web design, e-commerce design and a variety of marketing services to get your website found.


We’re here to help your business. You need a high-quality, reliable product that is designed to highlight your strengths and communicate what you can do for your clients. We spend the time to understand your problems, strengths, and weaknesses, and put together a plan to help you get to the next level.

Our Values

If our client is having a problem, then it’s our problem.

We exist to solve your problems and we’re not here to pick and choose. We have to solve your needs and go a step further to provide our clients with exceptional customer service as well.

We believe in hiring superstars.

It would be easy to outsource all of our work and make more money but we strive to be the best and we build our team locally so that we can invest in them and grow our expertise.

If we can’t nail it, we’re not ready to offer it.

Average is for the other guys. We go the extra mile to learn, test, and improve before we ever make a new service available to our clients. We won’t offshore a new service just to add a profit stream. Everything we roll out we do ourselves so that we can be sure of the quality of our delivery.