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Great web design is about more than just putting shapes on a page. It’s about communicating your brand. It’s about connecting with your audience. It’s about urging your viewer to action.

Ecommerce Web Development

Epic Design Labs offers Portland web design that matters. We spend time with our clients to understand them and their target demographic. We want to identify what it is that your clients are looking for and help you communicate your ability to deliver it. Once we’ve understood a bit about you, our design team works to come up with a concept to make you appear both modern and relevant. We want you to stand out as the obvious choice to make when someone views your site.

Design Process Matters

In our design process we do not limit revisions. This is one way we go farther than the next guy. We don’t want your project to stop half way through because we ran out of time. We expect to take our designs to 100% and we make sure we get there in a reasonable time-frame by listening to your needs and understanding your style.

Beyond the initial design project, we can also offer additional marketing services to grow your business.

Ultimately your design is about conversion and it pays to hire the design team that understands this. You don’t just want people to see your site and think about how pretty it is. You want them to be urged to act. That may mean that they call you to schedule an appointment, or submit a form to learn more, or click to buy your product online.

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