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Epic Page Builder Widgets for BigCommerce

You don’t need to learn how to code to look your best online.

Our Epic Page Builder Widget seamlessly plugs into BigCommerce & the native page builder.

Now you can drag and drop Ecommerce optimized elements to design beautiful pages that are as unique as your brand. Make changes to any page in your store to reflect featured products, holiday sales - you name it!

Take Control Of Every Page

Customize Any Page Type
Customize your home, blog, landing and product pages with powerful bundle offers, cross-sells, collections, order bumps & opt-in features. Make GLOBAL changes to affect all pages in one click.

User-Friendly Interface
Our intuitive builder makes it easy to create pages quickly and efficiently, with live chat support to help you every step of the way.

Advanced Editing Available
Need capabilities that customize your page elements? Modify your code content directly into the Page Builder.

Tons Of Widgets
Epic Page Builder has OVER 50 customizable elements, and we’re adding more every day!

Advanced Marketing Elements
Increase your sales and blow your conversion rate by using the built-in SEO features on the widgets that drive more customers and sales.

Want to skip ahead & download Epic Page Builder Widgets directly to your BigCommerce store? - It's FREE — click here.

Widget Details


Heading Widget - Headings are signposts that guide readers through a webpage - they help keep the user on your site. 
Use the heading widget to pepper-in useful keywords for your H1-H3 heading options.
Text Blocks - The text block widget is fast and flexible. Position texts blocks with a HEADING widget and your call-to-action is a rock-solid conversion machine for your store!
Spacer Widget - Sometimes you just need a little space between widgets. Add a spacer widget to make your page pop!
Divider - Just like the SPACER widget, adding visual breaks helps shoppers digest your content. The DIVIDER widget is another secret but simple design tactic - try it out!
Custom Menu - Your site MENU is literally the bridge to your important pages. The CUSTOM MENU widget gives you absolute control. Part of making your store a conversion-beast is guiding your shoppers logically to the product they want to buy - YOUR PRODUCT!
Hero Masthead - The Hero section of your website is super important! Why?, it immediately arrests your shopper’s attention. The HERO widget is a mighty AND flexible tool — add titles, text and images (even buttons) in one widget.
Call to Action - The CALL TO ACTION widget is a commanding marketing tool and can be used in all sorts of customer getting ways. This widget is build with 3 valuable parts - title, paragraph & button. —A perfect place to showcase a holiday sale, BOGO offer or even the starting place for a marketing funnel. The marketing options are endless!
Logo Carousel - The logo carousel is your place to brag - be proud of the brands you represent; easily drag-n-drop logos into a sliding carousel. This widget can also be used for images and is great for featured or new products.
Image Gallery - Shoppers (especially online shoppers) shop with their eyes. Use this widget to showcase products, or even use it to display your products being used by your previous customers - this is a great way to demonstrate brand loyalty and showing some love back to your customers.
Alternating Banners - Keep your content fresh with alternating banners. Here are 2  reasons you should swap out your banner content. There’s actually more, but here are a few to think about  (1) Does your store have a seasonal bump around the holidays, back to school, etc?  (2) Do you want to promote a featured product & guide shoppers to the buy button? Use the ALTERNATING BANNERS widget to do that and more and watch your sales increase!
Button Block - This BUTTON widget is more than some flimsy, pre-made button. You have complete control from styling (font, text size, color, outlines, hover functionality, link direction and more! Help shoppers get to where they need to go by using this widget!


Customer Reviews - Customer reviews are everything when it comes to building your business. the CUSTOMER REVIEWS widget is easy to use and flexible - start with one review & simply add new reviews as you get them. Each review item allows for an image, title and text. Add this widget to any page - even page footers across your ecommerce store.
Accordion - Save space while still presenting an abundance of content. With the ACCORDIAN widget, visitors can scan the item titles, and choose to expand an item of interest.
Steps - The STEPS widget is just that - a place to quickly display content in a logical step-by-step way for easy navigation.
Advanced Tabs - The ADVANCED TABS widget is an excellent way of displaying content efficiently in your store. Shoppers can click between tabs (rather than scroll through text) to view related content. Tabs are a great way of showing content such as Services, Plans or even FAQ’s in compact, connected sections.
Each tab can contain a label, title, description, image and button, and each of these elements can be fully customized.
Advanced Slider - If you’re looking for ways to improve the shopping experience on your store, use the ADVANCED SLIDER widget. This widget helps highlight the main content on a page — while also displaying it in a visually appealing and interactive format.
Bullets - Bullets allows you to add lines of text along side with a bullet or custom arrow on each line of these texts.
Featured Center Hero - With this widget, you can create a hero block that is nicely styled with an image in the middle and icon or image callouts on each side. This allows you to create an amazing section that draws the shopper to your featured products.
Call Outs - The CALL OUT widget allows you to add a featured section with icon and title and description, it’s configured with 3 different icon location and views.
Feather Icons - Use Feather Icons on your BigCommerce store. Feather is a collection of simply beautiful open source icons. Each icon is
designed on a 24x24 grid with an emphasis on simplicity, consistency and readability.
Font Awesome Icons - A set of all font awesome 5 icons that you can use and customize acroos your website.
Ionicons - Ionicons are an open source icon set with 223 marks in SVG, webfront and raster formats. Now you can use this icon set
in your BigCommerce store.
Hero Multi-Block - The HERO MULTI-BLOCK allows for a stunning hero section with up to 3 images in one block. This is great to display a line of products vs. one large hero image.
Carousel Hero - The CAROUSEL HERO combines the hero and slider widgets to make an amazing carousel . the  allows for a stunning hero section with up to 3 images in one block. This is great to display a line of products vs. one large hero image.


  • Does this work on ALL BigCommerce Themes?
    It will work on all BigCommerce stencil themes. You may have to add some page builder fields if your theme doesn't have those installed yet.

  • How do I add a page builder field to my theme?
    In your stencil theme file, you can insert this where you want a page builder field:

    {{{region name="fieldname"}}}

    Just replace the field name text with what you want to name it. The name only shows in the code but must be unique.

    If you want it to be a global field, meaning that it appears in multiple templates, which would be important in the header or footer for example, add a '--global' at the end like this:

    {{{region name="fieldname--global"}}}