Scaling with Epic Design Labs

Whether you’re a startup looking to build your first ecommerce store or a well-established business Bigcommerce offers the technical capabilities you need to succeed. We’ve been building Bigcommerce sites for years. Here are few reasons why we love the platform:

  • It has 99.9% site uptime rate
  • Bigcommerce merchants average 28% annual growth
  • Hosting and related fees are about 1/4 of the cost of other competitors.

To get the most value from your online store, you need a design that keeps customers engaged and guides them through your product pages. That’s where we come in.

Project Types

Epic Design Labs is an expert ecommerce design agency and has been developing BigCommerce stores since 2010. We create custom conversion-optimized websites that stand out from the competition.

BigCommerce Custom Designs

Whether you're looking for your first custom design or a recode to fix hodge-podge code from contractors and freelancers, we're your team. We can design or build from your designs.

2.0 BigCommerce Builds

Need a design overhaul to take your site to the next level? Your first custom design was a good step, but now it's time to bring in the pros to make your brand what it can be.

Proactive Growth Support

It's not enough to just have a great design. Crushing it involves watching the metrics, finding opportunities and improving your customers experiences. Our PGS plans are available to stores doing over 500k annual sales.

BigCommerce Experts

When we say experts, we mean hundreds of stores built on this platform since 2010. We train our team, don't hire contractors or freelancers, and we constantly improve.

We can build on BigCommerce Stencil, BigCommerce Headless using Gatsby, or even BigCommerce for WordPress.

Scaling with Epic Design Labs

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Why Hire Epic Design Labs for Your BigCommerce Project?

You have lots options so, why choose Epic Design labs to build your ecommerce website?

  • We are passionate about BigCommerce.
  • We won't try to sell you on moving to Shopify.
  • We spend time developing best practices and aim to write the cleanest code, with the smallest augmentation footprint to make it as easy as possible to upgrade your themes in the future. We ALWAYS build on BigCommerce Cornerstone for fastest performance and best supportability.
  • We write custom javascript and can do all the hard stuff. If it can be done, we can do it.
  • We are one of a select few certified Bigcommerce designers recognized for our ability to create beautiful, flawlessly functioning websites. Over the years, we’ve built a strong relationship with Bigcommerce to ensure we’re able to implement the platform’s latest features as soon as they become available.
  • We support our clients after the initial build.

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BigCommerce FAQs

What programming language does BigCommerce use?

BigCommerce backend is written with PHP, Python, Java, Ruby and React. The part that we have access to is the theme, which is written in html, scss, javascript and handlebars.js

What are stencil and blueprint?

Stencil and Blueprint are both theme frameworks that BigCommerce has utilized. Blueprint was more basic and was deprecated in 2016. The current framework is referred to as stencil and incorporates handlebars.js, logic like if statements and loops, as well as a superb local development environment for developers.

Is BigCommerce safe?

In working with BigCommerce since 2010 we have seen or heard of zero stores being hacked or subject to malware. We have seen clients be DDOS attacked, which can happen on any platform, but through this we've also witness BigCommerce taking proactive steps to mitigate this sort of risk and roll out these upgrades proactively across all stores to make everyone even safer. You can expect high levels of safety and security with BigCommerce.

How much does BigCommerce cost?

BigCommerce store plans start as low as $30/mo and increase based on annual sales volume. You can find their detailed pricing on the BigCommerce fees page.

How much is hosting for BigCommerce?

BigCommerce's monthly fee includes the cost of their framework, ongoing feature development, and hosting all in one monthly fee. You can find their detailed pricing on the BigCommerce pricing page.

Who are BigCommerce Competitors?

BigCommerce competitors include Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, 3dCart, Volusion, AmeriCommerce. Of these, Shopify and WooCommerce hold the most market share. We only recommend BigCommerce and Shopify. Please reach out if you would like to discuss framework recommendations.

What big companies use BigCommerce?

Some companies using BigCommerce include SkullCandy, Toyota, Sony, CamelBack, Paul Mitchell, Old Spice, Natori, Kohler, Powells Books, Carolina Panthers, Bliss World, Dremel, SoloStove, and Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream

Is Shopify better than BigCommerce?

Shopify is DIFFERENT than BigCommerce. BigCommerce has a much larger feature set, including better facilitation of product options, large product catalogs, dynamic nested menus, and a lot more. Shopify relies more on app-driven features so you'll generally spend a lot more on apps. Both platforms are professional grade and have loads of stores doing over $10M annually.

Is BigCommerce good for dropshipping?

BigCommerce is agnostic of whether you drop ship or not. There are many fulfillment apps that dropshippers use to connect their dropshippers to BigCommerce for automated fulfillment. So yes.