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Break it Down: Klaviyo vs Omnisend vs Mailchimp

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MiniPIM App for BigCommerce

Looking for some regular tweaks to your data to make it more consistent?

Wouldn't it be great to be able to automate product attributes to save time and get them all done right the first time?

What if you could set up rules to apply certain attributes to your data when it matched certain criteria?

Welcome to MiniPIM.

We found that many stores look to get a PIM only to be shocked by the cost and overhead needed to run it. Many times a couple of consistent custom fields, or shipping groups, or titles would make all the difference but the cost of a full PIM is just too much.

With MiniPIM you can set rules and run them once to get your data right or set them up as automations and they'll run whenever a product matches the criteria you've set.

Check it out in the BigCommerce App store!