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Have you considered creating an online store using Shopify? While there are hundreds of design options to choose from if you prefer to try to build your own website, you also have the option to hire an expert Shopify designer who can customize your website, tailored specifically to your business or product.

Why Should I Shopify?

Shopify allows you to completely control how your website looks and feels, so you can get exactly what you want. For those of you that want to try and create your own website using the Shopify theme, you will need to understand how HTML and CSS works. An understanding of good web design SEO practices is also strongly recommended (since a beautiful site means nothing if nobody can ever find it in search engines). If you have a good understanding of these coding and search engine practices, you can consider building a Shopify website yourself.

Why Should I Hire a Shopify Expert?

Most people don’t have coding and/or SEO expertise. And if you’re lacking in either field, your website will suffer from either poor design and functionality, poor user experience, or never be found in search results due to not understanding Google search algorithms.

Bringing a Shopify design expert on board is your way of ensuring your website works the way you dreamed it would the first time. However, if your design team is lacking in design capabilities or SEO services, the end result will be the same as if you tried to do it yourself. We’ve met hundreds of people with horror stories about failures with either or both of these components. The key is to go to the right design company first, and avoid the mistakes and failures of other methods or agencies. These mistakes cost time, money, and countless worries. In some cases, the worst result of losing a business entirely is possible.

Epic Shopify Websites That Cover All of Your Needs

Now that you understand your needs to succeed, choosing the best web design development agency for the job is all that remains to be done. Epic Design Labs has several years experience in BOTH Shopify web design and SEO. This means your new online business will be done right the first time, so you can keep busy.

With extensive expertise in Shopify, Squarespace, Big Commerce and WordPress, we are the one-stop SEO web design company to launch or improve your online store for success.

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