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Magento to BigCommerce Migration: Process and Options to Make the Move

Migrating from Magento to BigCommerce shouldn’t be overwhelming. Our guide breaks down the Magento to BigCommerce migration process into manageable steps, ensuring a seamless transition. Expect to learn about safe data transfer using tools like Cart2Cart, keeping your SEO rank intact, and harnessing the full potential of BigCommerce for your online store.

Key Takeaways

  • Epic Design Labs and Cart2Cart simplify the Magento to BigCommerce migration process, ensuring minimal data loss, maintained SEO rankings, and a smooth transition with services including data transfer, custom design solutions, and after-migration support.

  • BigCommerce is favored for its scalability, user-friendly interface, and enhanced marketing tools, while Cart2Cart’s migration tool provides a straightforward and secure data transfer process with a free unlimited demo migration feature.

  • Post-migration, continuous optimization, support, and use of marketing strategies are key to maximizing store potential, with Epic Design Labs offering custom design, development, and enterprise integration services for an elevated BigCommerce experience.

Navigating the ecommerce migration process from Magento to BigCommerce can seem daunting, but with the right partner, it can be a breeze. Epic Design Labs is that partner, guiding you through the entire process and ensuring a smooth transition. With a focus on minimal data loss, maintaining SEO rankings, and updating the store design, they strive to make migration effortless.

The secret to their seamless migration lies in the use of the Cart2Cart Shopping Cart Migration tool. This tool allows them to:

  • Transfer essential store data, such as products, orders, and customers, from your Magento store to BigCommerce

  • The process is designed to be effortless and requires no technical skills

  • They offer a free unlimited demo migration feature, allowing you to experience a sample migration before fully committing.

Understanding the Migration Process

The data migration process is a meticulous one and involves selecting various data entities for migration. These entities can include:

  • Products

  • Customer data

  • Orders

  • And more

In addition, there are options to extend migration potential like preserving product IDs and matching languages.

The full migration can be initiated immediately after the demo, and it runs on the server implicitly. You will receive a notification when the migration is complete. If significant data is missing from the products after migration, the migration app can be run a second time to ensure all data is accounted for.

Why Choose BigCommerce Over Magento?

While Magento is a powerful eCommerce platform, BigCommerce offers several features that make it a preferred choice for many merchants. One of the major advantages of BigCommerce is its simplicity in use. It sports an intuitive interface and a drag-and-drop page builder that caters to non-technical users. This simplicity allows you to focus more on your business and less on the technicalities of running an online store.

Additionally, BigCommerce is engineered for growth. With scalable solutions and constant enhancements, it can support merchants venturing into new markets or expanding product lines. It also comes equipped with powerful marketing tools and SEO-friendly features, allowing for effective page ranking improvement and increased conversions. However, for more complex customizations, you may need professional development services, which Epic Design Labs is ready to provide.

Utilizing Cart2Cart for Seamless Data Transfer

Transferring data between platforms can be a complex and tedious process. Thankfully, Cart2Cart streamlines this process, making your migration journey much smoother. It offers a 4-step process that includes connecting the source and target carts, selecting data, and performing a demo or full migration. This simple process ensures a seamless transfer of your store data from Magento to BigCommerce.

In addition to its simplicity, Cart2Cart ensures the security of your data during migration. It implements advanced server security protocols, HTTPS, 128-bit SSL encryption, and uses a dedicated Hetzner server for added safety. This ensures your data is secure throughout the migration process.

Furthermore, Cart2Cart offers around-the-clock live support to ensure any technical issues during migration are promptly resolved, enhancing trust and reliability.

Pre-Migration Considerations

Before embarking on your Magento to BigCommerce migration journey, there are a few things you need to consider. First, you should understand the limitations of Magento that may be hindering your business growth. These could be restricted customization, scalability challenges, or performance issues. Recognizing these limitations will help you see the potential benefits of a more advanced platform like BigCommerce.

Another crucial aspect to consider is the selection of data entities for migration. You need to carefully assess your current tech stack to identify the features that will need to be migrated or adapted for BigCommerce. Understanding the technical and functional differences between the platforms will also help you anticipate the need for custom development or adjustments post-migration.

Cataloging Your Store's Data

One of the first steps in the migration process is cataloging your store’s data. This involves selecting specific entities such as products, customer data, and orders for migration. By doing this, you can ensure that all important data is transferred from Magento to BigCommerce.

Accurate cataloging of data ensures effective mapping and transfer of information, preventing any loss of critical data during migration. It’s also important to backup all important images for product pages to secure their successful transfer from Magento to BigCommerce. This meticulous process ensures all your precious data is accounted for and safely migrated to your new BigCommerce store.

Setting Migration Goals

Setting clear objectives for the migration process is crucial. The migration should not just be about moving to a new platform, but also about unlocking opportunities for site revenue growth. Your migration goals should support your business’s long-term vision, which could include expanding into new markets or enhancing the shopping experience for customers.

Before migration, it’s imperative to evaluate your existing tech stack, discarding nonessential features and focusing on core functionalities needed for future growth. Consider BigCommerce’s capabilities in terms of scalability, customization options, and hosting, which are essential to support a growing business efficiently.

The Role of Epic Design Labs in Your Store Setup

Setting up a new BigCommerce store can be a daunting task, but with Epic Design Labs, you’re in good hands. They provide custom store setup and configuration services, ensuring that your BigCommerce store functions flawlessly at launch. This allows you to focus on your business while they handle the technical aspects of the store setup.

In addition to migration services, Epic Design Labs also offers design and development services. They work with you to create a unique and engaging online store using BigCommerce’s customizable templates. This means you get a store that not only functions perfectly but also stands out from the crowd.

Custom Design Solutions

A well-designed online store can significantly enhance user experience and conversion rates. Epic Design Labs offers custom design solutions to create online stores that:

  • Resonate with your brand identity

  • Engage your target audience

  • Look good

  • Function optimally

Their design experts work closely with clients to create custom store designs.

Redesigning the storefront may become necessary during migration as not every theme or extension is compatible between platforms. A visually engaging new design can enhance the success of the migration. With Epic Design Labs, you also get exclusive tools like Epic Page Builder Widgets and Epic Modal Login that can significantly enrich the user experience and boost performance on your BigCommerce store.

Development Services for Enhanced Functionality

Apart from design, Epic Design Labs also offers development services to enhance your store’s functionality. They enable the creation of custom apps for an improved store functionality and integration of third-party tools to enhance capabilities. Their expertise in app integration empowers you to elevate your BigCommerce store with third-party or custom apps tailored to your unique business needs.

Beyond app integration, they also focus on developing cutting-edge solutions like upcoming apps that will introduce new functionalities to BigCommerce stores. For seamless operation, they also deliver enterprise integrations, connecting BigCommerce platforms with systems like:

  • ERP

  • CRM

  • Inventory

  • Order management

  • SaaS platform

These services are designed to drive value and enhance the customer experience on your BigCommerce platform.

Post-Migration Optimization and Support

Moving your online store from Magento to BigCommerce marks the first step in the process. It’s the start of a potential transformation for your business. After the migration, it’s crucial to optimize the performance of your new store. This may involve cleaning up and harmonizing product descriptions and configurations for bundled and grouped products, along with adjusting product options due to platform differences.

But you’re not on your own. Epic Design Labs provides ongoing maintenance and support to ensure custom applications operate without interruptions. They assist with updating the store to align with current standards and practices. Plus, BigCommerce’s automatic updates and maintenance relieve you from dealing with technical issues such as security patches, allowing you to focus on business growth.

Marketing and SEO Strategies

Preserving your search engine rankings during and after migration is crucial for your online store’s visibility. Implementing SEO strategies and 301 redirects can help maintain your search rankings by directing traffic from the old site URLs to the new ones. This ensures your store’s visibility doesn’t take a hit during the migration process.

Post-migration, you can take advantage of specialized BigCommerce SEO agencies. They provide detailed reports outlining the impact of SEO activities, helping you measure success and further optimize your strategies. With the right SEO tactics, you can boost your store’s visibility and draw in more traffic.

Continuous Improvement and Updates

The launch of your new BigCommerce store isn’t the end of the journey. In fact, it’s just the beginning. Continuous testing and the implementation of second-priority features are integral to store enhancement. Epic Design Labs provides services including significant site overhauls aimed at increasing your store’s uptime, reliability, operability, and profitability on the BigCommerce platform.

After migration, you may need to conduct a minor clean-up on product details in your new BigCommerce store. This includes:

  • Options

  • Images

  • Descriptions

  • Custom fields

  • Categories

Regular updates and improvements ensure your store remains optimal and provides the best possible shopping experience for your customers, including offering products at a discount price.

Step-by-Step Guide: Starting Your Migration Journey

Ready to begin your Magento to BigCommerce migration journey? Here’s a step-by-step guide to get you started. First, start with a free demo migration using tools like Cart2Cart. This gives you a preview of how your data will be transferred to BigCommerce before you commit to a full migration.

Before initiating the full migration, you’ll need to establish your new BigCommerce store. This involves careful planning for store structure and design. It’s important to note that setting up a new BigCommerce store environment requires time and effort, so make sure you’re ready for this before starting the migration.

Planning and Data Backup

Before you start the migration, it’s crucial to create a complete backup of your Magento store database. This ensures you don’t lose any data during the migration process. Magento offers varied backup options such as System Backup, Database and Media Backup, and Database Backup. You can access these under Systems then Tools and Backups.

After backing up, it’s recommended to perform pre-migration testing to verify the data’s integrity and compatibility with BigCommerce’s platform. This helps identify any potential issues before the migration and ensures a smoother process.

Executing the Migration

Now you’re ready to execute the migration. Start by configuring both source (Magento) and target (BigCommerce) carts by providing store URLs, API details, and necessary access credentials. During the migration setup phase, you can select specific entities such as products, customer data, and orders to migrate Magento.

You can then decide to conduct a demo migration to preview the process or choose to skip demo migration and commence a full migration. The full migration runs implicitly and concludes with a notification upon completion. Throughout the migration, pay attention to special cases such as transferring sales and order data through API-based tools and importing coupon codes via BigCommerce’s Coupon Manager app.

Additional Resources and Expert Assistance

Migration is a complex process, but you don’t have to go through it alone. Epic Design Labs offers a range of resources and expert assistance to help you navigate the process. From free demo migrations to customized approaches, they provide the support you need to make the migration process as smooth as possible.

Remember, migration is not just about moving your store from one platform to another. It’s about maximizing your store’s potential and setting it up for long-term success. With the right resources and expert assistance, you can make the most of your Magento to BigCommerce migration journey.

Free Demo Migration: Try Before You Commit

A free demo migration allows you to:

  • Test the functionality and results of the migration service

  • Use a limited set of data before fully committing to the platform switch

  • See firsthand how the Magento to BigCommerce migration would unfold

  • Evaluate the process risk-free with no obligation to proceed with a full migration

  • Start free demo migration today and experience the benefits yourself.

The demo migration allows for the transfer of a limited number of entities and provides a preview of how the full migration would operate. After the demo migration, you are encouraged to check both the storefront and backend of the new store to confirm the accuracy and integrity of the migrated data.

Contacting Epic Design Labs for a Customized Approach

For a more personalized approach to migration, you can contact Epic Design Labs. They offer a range of customization services for Magento to BigCommerce migration, including design and development, enterprise integrations, and marketing services. They specialize in complex migrations, providing a detailed process that includes evaluation, documentation, architecting, and personal introductions to tech partners.

In addition to migration services, Epic Design Labs provides the following services:

  • Proactive support

  • Store setup & configuration services

  • Ongoing development services

  • Regular check-ins for continuous improvement of their online store

Clients transitioning from Magento to BigCommerce can expect these services to help them with their online store, including the seamless integration of their BigCommerce database.


In conclusion, migrating from Magento to BigCommerce is a strategic move that can significantly benefit your online business. The process might seem complex, but with the right partner like Epic Design Labs and advanced tools like Cart2Cart, the migration process can be smooth and efficient.

Remember, migration is not just about moving your store to a new platform; it’s about unlocking opportunities for growth and improving the shopping experience for your customers. With careful planning, dedicated support, and continuous improvement, you can make the most of your Magento to BigCommerce migration journey.