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Break it Down: Klaviyo vs Omnisend vs Mailchimp

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Marketing and Scaling

It’s not enough to just build your eCom platform; it requires consistent monitoring to identify what your operation needs. Scaling can help facilitate growth with time-efficient strategies, so you’re not working 24/7 or burning out.  

In order to maximize profitability, scaling is a MUST for any eCommerce operation, and we can help you do it.

Incoming traffic is great, but without an effective strategy to promote conversions, that’s all just vanity metrics. There are several other ways to encourage organic growth, and we’re proficient in executing game-winning game plans.

We're talking bigger traffic, more orders per customer, and higher average order value.

Traffic Growth that Converts

It’s difficult to attain profit when you first start marketing your store because no matter what channel you use in the beginning, competitors are all trying to capture the same traffic, rendering an ultra-competitive environment.

This is where effective marketing methods play a crucial role in yielding profits.

SEO certainly helps bring in traffic, but what are you doing to turn clicks into conversions?

Successful tactics like targeting emails and Facebook ads have been proven to direct visitors back to your site, whether it’s some sort of incentive or simply compelling marketing, increasing the chances of purchases, and that’s only one of the many strategies used to promote profits.

We’ll look at your traffic and the methods you’re currently utilizing to see what’s working and what’s not while implementing additional traffic sources that are not only effective but also cost-effective.

Increase Orders Per Customer

It’s pretty straightforward; the more orders a customer places, the bigger profit you experience, but getting a customer to buy the first time isn’t so easy; it can be costly and require a lot of effort. Luckily, getting customers to return a second and third time can actually take way less effort, and we’ll show you EXACTLY how to encourage this behavior.

We’ll utilize tailored email automation and multi-platform retargeting to not only promote more sales but more purchases at once. Research has shown that a repeat customer is more than likely to continue making purchases while spreading positive word-of-mouth to other potential clients, making this tactic a win-win.

Boost Average Order Value Growth (AOV)

The more a customer spends per order, the bigger the profit, for simple stuff. But as frugal customers in times of uncertainty become the norm, it’s not as easy to get people to spend, which is why a strategic plan for encouraging customer spending is essential for eCom operation.

If your operation isn’t versed in effective tactics, then it’s going to be extremely difficult to boost profits.

We’ll show you how to initiate upsells, coupons, discounting strategies, point programs, and much more to increase cart size and overall sales without additional effort or costs.