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Break it Down: Klaviyo vs Omnisend vs Mailchimp

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In the meantime, here are some apps we have built and published in the BigCommerce marketplace:

Page Builder Widgets App for BigCommerce

Users can add additional page builder widgets to their stores for more and better design elements and additional ways to display content. Functionality like tabs, accordions, hero mastheads, and slideshows are now super easy.
Page Builder Widgets

MiniPIM App for BigCommerce

Set rules and run them once to apply data attributes or set them up as automations and they'll run whenever a product matches the criteria you've set. Finally get your data right.
MiniPIM App for BigCommerce

Parts and Accessories App for BigCommerce

Build additional lists of products, complete with (optional) links to their product pages... and show them on your product page.
Parts and Accessories App for BigCommerce
Allow visitors to login without leaving the page and control the URL they are redirected to on successful login. Key for B2B stores needing to force login in order to see pricing.
Modal Login Popup App for BigCommerce