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Break it Down: Klaviyo vs Omnisend vs Mailchimp

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Facebook Marketing for Ecommerce

One of the best ways to market your store can be Facebook Marketing. Facebook has accrued so much demographic information that they’ve made it easy to target the right potential customers and get your message in front of them.

When it first launched, Facebook Pages were a gold rush for marketers and while it’s true that Facebook has used its algorithm to drastically reduce their organic reach, the Facebook Ads system is still the single best way to target the exact best customer for your product due to these demographics.

Facebook Ecommerce Strategy

There are many different Facebook strategies store owners are using today.

Many start out making posts and boosting them. Maybe to their audience, or friends of friends, or try their hand at targeting an audience. This is better than nothing, but there’s so much you’re leaving on the table. Having an active Facebook page where you share valuable content and ads with your customers is key to maintaining your business’s presence on social media. Once you have engagement, you need to take your Facebook marketing strategy to the next level and monitor your brand’s reputation.

Retargeting Is Crucial

If you’re not familiar, retargeting is when you show ads and other content to customers who bounced from your site. Every store should be using Facebook retargeting because isn’t just for bringing back a visitor who didn’t buy. It can be used to bring back visitors who did buy, to buy more stuff. It can be used to deliver substantial marketing campaigns as well. If a lead needs eight interactions with your brand to become a customer, retargeting is your key to the treasure chest. Implementing a successful retargeting strategy to turn your content and ads into sales can be difficult if you’ve never done it or other types of audience segmenting.

This is where we come in. At Epic Design Labs our goal is to help businesses and non-profits grow by taking care of our clients’ marketing and web services so they focus on what matters most to them: running their organizations. Click the Get Started button to learn more about the pricing and details of our social media services.

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