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Epic Page Builder Widgets Setup

Jan 25,2023, 4:12 PM| Updated 390 days ago

To install the Page Builder Widgets app, first log in to your store as the store owner account. Then click into the app marketplace and search for 'Epic Page Builder Widgets' and click to install the app.

Next, in the admin of your BigCommerce store, click into apps, then Epic Page Builder Widgets.

On the configuration tab, you can toggle on individual widgets to add them to your store, or click the 'Install All' toggle at the top to add them all at once.

To enable the premium widgets, just click on the billing tab and pay to upgrade your plugin. Then come back to the configuration tab, and you can now add those as well.

To use your widgets, go to STOREFRONT > MY THEMES > and click to customize whichever theme you want. Inside the customizer you'll now see additional widgets and you can drag them into any regions in your theme.

If your theme has no regions available, you may need a developer to help you add some.

Thanks for installing the Epic Page Builder Widgets app.

We hope you love your new widgets!

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