We love non-profits. We love working with people who make a difference. Most of all we love making a difference... in how you make a difference.

Some non-profits understand, and many more are coming to understand, that to make that difference, you have to be noticed. That means marketing.

The modern non-profit has to worry about a lot more than feeding the homeless, clothing the impoverished, or putting farmers back to work. They have to become true marketers in order to reach the volunteers they need, and the people they help... but you already knew that.

Empowering You

Following nonprofit website design best practices means not only designing a beautiful site that conveys your message... it also means building a system that you can use yourself so that you can do as much as possible without needing to spend more money. Stretching that dime involves creating a system you can run, instead of one that keeps you running back to us.

We empower you to run your system by taking the time up front to understand your needs. The more we understand, the more we get it right the first time.

We also need to understand how you would like to use the site. If we can know that, we can enable you to wield it more effectively. We can show you how to do anything you like, or even provide walk-through videos that you can use for training your current and future staff as needed.

Increasing Donations

Of course non-profit doesn't mean that you don't need cash. Most non-profit directors end up spending almost all their time fund-raising, but if their systems were set up more effectively, they could save more money in operations and bring in more money in donations.

Are you making use of multiple streams of income? You'd be surprised how many ways there are to bring in money for your organization, many of which can be automated.

  • Are you building an email list?
  • Do you bring in donations through it?
  • Could you bring in more?
  • Are you using facebook marketing effectively to bring in new donors and volunteers?
  • Does your site allow for donations?
  • Could you bring in revenue through sponsorships and ad space?
  • Are you recruiting for volunteers while you sleep?

Change More Lives

We understand that the more we help you, the more you help others. We want to help others through you. We know that means we need to help you get the MOST effective website and marketing for the money.

We'd like to discuss how we might help make your cause our cause.

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