The Challenge

PinkLily needed a better support partner that could handle the high expectations of a high-volume e-commerce store. They needed a partner who could work at a high speed and deliver advanced functionality to keep up with their fast-paced industry.

The Solution

We created an updated design that streamlined the user experience and rebuilt the store on a cleaner and faster codebase, delivering advanced functionality and providing innovative ideas for problem-solving in our ongoing support.

The Result

PinkLily experienced growth in speed and was able to crank out marketing campaigns to fuel growth. The user experience was improved, and the store now operates on a cleaner and faster codebase. Epic Design Labs provided valuable input and ideas to improve the overall functionality of the store.

PinkLily, a leading e-commerce store specializing in women's fashion and accessories, sought the expertise of Epic Design Labs to enhance its online store. Backed by private equity, PinkLily aimed to achieve a higher level of support, faster operations, advanced functionality, and innovative problem-solving strategies.

Epic Design Labs faced the challenge of meeting PinkLily's high expectations while maintaining the integrity of the existing site. The team began by designing a more intuitive user interface, simplifying site navigation, and enhancing the overall customer experience. To further improve speed and efficiency, the store was rebuilt on a cleaner and faster codebase.

Epic Design Labs went beyond providing technical support by contributing advanced functionality to help PinkLily execute effective marketing campaigns that drove growth. Regular meetings fostered collaboration and allowed the team to offer valuable input and innovative problem-solving ideas, assisting PinkLily in achieving its goals.

The redesigned site led to increased conversions and revenue, as well as improved site speed and efficiency. PinkLily's marketing campaigns, fueled by Epic Design Labs' advanced functionality, resulted in heightened customer engagement and growth.

In a subsequent collaboration, Epic Design Labs helped PinkLily migrate to the Shopify platform, where they built a brand-new design tailored to the needs of the company. This move enabled PinkLily to leverage Shopify's powerful e-commerce features while retaining the high-quality design and user experience crafted by Epic Design Labs.

The Shopify migration went smoothly, ensuring minimal downtime for PinkLily's online store. This seamless transition allowed the company to continue serving its customers without any disruptions. The new design on Shopify not only preserved the improved user experience but also introduced additional features and integrations tailored to PinkLily's needs.

With the assistance of Epic Design Labs, PinkLily has successfully elevated its e-commerce presence and continues to thrive on the Shopify platform. The collaboration has resulted in a more efficient, user-friendly, and visually appealing online store that drives conversions, customer engagement, and revenue growth.

The partnership between PinkLily and Epic Design Labs has been a resounding success, demonstrating the power of innovative design, advanced functionality, and strategic problem-solving in transforming an e-commerce business.

The migration to Shopify and the new design on the platform have only served to further enhance PinkLily's online presence, cementing its position as a leading retailer in women's fashion and accessories.