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Sep, 14 2016Case Study: Kodiak Cameras

Case Study: Kodiak Cameras

This Case Study is an example of how we integrated a client’s existing product and provided them with better visual techniques to achieve success. It provides some insight into how we can generate, improve and maximize both existing and previously untapped potential.

The Case Study Brief

When Kodiak Cameras was opening their online store, they were looking for the right e-commerce partner. They wanted to make sure they chose the right e-commerce framework to build their store on, and they wanted it to look great. In addition to selling direct to consumer, Kodiak Cameras planned to build a brand they might sell to retail outlets as well. This meant they needed a rock solid brand that everyone could get behind.

In this project, we needed to help the client set up their first store while creating a brand that hunting enthusiasts would identify with.

Our Approach

In discussing business needs with Kodiak, we decided to recommend the BigCommerce framework with a simple but custom design. It was really important to the client that the category and individual product pages be free of clutter and optimized exactly for the content they wanted to display per product. We provided:

  • Custom theme including unique home page, category page, individual product page designs
  • Gallery page to feature customer uploaded imagery
  • Popup slideshow functionality on the gallery pages

While the client did provide their own logo and photography, they only had 1 product at launch. This meant we needed to make it a strong focal point of the site without it seeming like an empty store. We used larger images and textures to fill out the site while focusing on client engagement either through the shopping experience or through promotion of the gallery concept.

We built in the ability to add future products as well and the client did end up adding accessories to make use of this option and build up their sales numbers.

This case study concluded with the client being very happy with their design and launch of their brand. End users are funnelled either to the gallery page or the product page in only a click or two. The nature photography is vivid and showcases the brand well. Check out

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