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Bigcommerce Platform Limits

Sep 27,2023, 6:15 PM| Updated 171 days ago

BigCommerce Platform Limits

As an e-commerce business owner considering BigCommerce as your platform of choice, it's essential to understand the platform's limitations to make informed decisions about your online store. BigCommerce offers a robust set of features, but like any platform, it has its constraints.

Here is a comprehensive list of the current limitations you should be aware of when using BigCommerce. These limitations span various aspects of your online store, from product listings to API usage.

Product and Category Limitations

  • Maximum brands per store: 30,000

  • Maximum featured products (Stencil): 25

  • Maximum total of products displayed in home page panels: 50

  • Maximum related products per product: 50

  • Maximum categories per store: 16,000

  • Maximum categories per product: 1,000

  • Maximum category depth: 8 levels

  • Maximum category name length: 50 characters

  • Maximum category description length: 65,642 characters

  • Maximum category image file size: 1 MB

  • Maximum SKUs per product: 600

  • Maximum stock value on the product and variant level: 2,147,483,647

  • Maximum custom fields per product: 200

  • Maximum characters per custom field: 255

  • Maximum bulk pricing rules per product: 50

  • Maximum option values per option: 250

  • Maximum file size for product, variant, brand, and category images: 8 MB

  • Maximum file size for variant or modifier swatch images: 1 MB

  • Maximum images per product: 1000

  • Maximum images per variant: 1

  • Maximum images per product displayed in the control panel: 250

  • Maximum frame count for GIF images: 150

  • Maximum dimensions for GIF images: 5120 x 5120

Marketing and Promotions

  • Maximum marketing banners per page: 50

  • Maximum product filtering facets per page: 12

  • Maximum displayed values per product filtering facet: 500

  • Maximum WebDAV file size for imported files: 512 MB

  • Maximum web content pages: 4,000

  • Maximum visible promotions in Manage Promotion Priorities: 250

Technical and API Limitations

  • Page load timeout: 8 seconds

  • Maximum product name length: 255 characters

  • Maximum custom product name fields length on orders: 250 characters

  • Maximum SKU length: 255 characters

  • Maximum option name length: 255 characters

  • Maximum email template subject length: 255 characters

  • Maximum coupon name length: 100 characters

  • Maximum coupon code length: 50 characters

  • Maximum Widgets per page: 150

  • Maximum Widgets per store: 100,000

  • Maximum URL length: 1,024 characters

  • Store-level API accounts: 50

  • API Calls (Trial Stores, Standard and Plus plans): 20,000 per hour

  • API Calls (Pro plans): 60,000 per hour

  • API Calls (Enterprise): Unlimited*

Other Limitations

  • Maximum cart size for guest checkout: 50 items

  • Maximum cart size for customer accounts: 600 items

  • Maximum shipments per order: 50

  • Maximum metafields per product, variant, category, brand, or channel: 250

  • Maximum customer attributes per store: 50

  • Maximum quantity limit per item: 1 million

  • Maximum API response size: 8 MB

  • Maximum Page Builder theme styles text field length: 64 characters

Overcoming the BigCommerce Limitations

When venturing into the world of e-commerce, selecting the right platform is crucial. BigCommerce, known for its powerful features and scalability, is a popular choice among online retailers. However, like any platform, it comes with its set of limitations. While understanding these limits is essential, it's equally vital to recognize that this is just the first step toward achieving long-term e-commerce success. The real magic happens when you combine this knowledge with a skilled development team that knows how to work around these constraints effectively.

1. In-Depth Platform Understanding:

A skilled development team goes beyond merely knowing the limits; they understand the nuances of the BigCommerce platform inside and out. They can navigate the boundaries and constraints, finding innovative solutions to common challenges. This deep understanding allows them to create a unique, tailored online store experience for your business while staying within the platform's boundaries.

2. Customization Expertise:

BigCommerce offers a range of customization options, but a knowledgeable development team takes this to the next level. They can create custom themes, templates, and plugins that align with your brand's identity and business goals, ensuring a unique and standout online presence.

3. Performance Optimization:

High website performance is a critical factor in e-commerce success. Skilled developers can optimize your BigCommerce store for speed and reliability. They know how to reduce load times, optimize images, and ensure that your site runs smoothly on all devices.

4. Integration Mastery:

BigCommerce provides integration capabilities with various third-party services and tools. A proficient development team can seamlessly integrate these solutions into your e-commerce ecosystem, enhancing functionality without breaching platform limits.

5. Scalability and Future-Proofing:

As your business grows, your e-commerce needs will evolve. A skilled development team can anticipate these changes and prepare your BigCommerce store to scale seamlessly. They will also keep abreast of platform updates and enhancements, ensuring your store remains competitive and up to date.

6. Problem Solving:

In the dynamic world of e-commerce, challenges will inevitably arise. Whether it's a sudden traffic surge or a complex technical issue, a proficient development team can diagnose problems quickly and implement effective solutions, minimizing downtime and revenue loss.

7. Continuous Improvement:

A skilled development team is committed to ongoing improvement. They will continually analyze data, monitor performance, and fine-tune your store to enhance user experience, conversion rates, and overall success.

If you need a BigCommerce developer to help with your store, or creatively accomplish your goals around these limitations, please reach out.

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