Epic Page Builder Widgets for BigCommerce

This app builds on the page builder functionality added to BigCommerce stores by adding DOZENS more available widgets to use in your store.

When BigCommerce created the page builder, it was a huge addition in functionality for BigCommerce stores, but they only created a limited number of initial widgets, hoping the community fill bridge the gap and create additional widgets to extend the functionality.

This app fills that gap, adding way more widgets to BigCommerce stores.


Spacer Widget - Add spacing where you need it.
Heading Widget - Insert any type of headings into your website. Works great with SEO.
Text Blocks - Insert multiple text blocks within one widget, and control the element type of each.
Logo Carousel - Add multiple logos in a sliding way to your website, can be used to insert images as well.
Divider - Add a horizontal line to section your UI. Allows for images as divider as well as colors.
Custom Menu - Add a horizontal or vertical menu wherever you like.
Steps - Add step by step instructions including numbers for each step.
Call to Action - Urge your viewers to take action with image and text calls to action.
Image Set - Add a gallery of images and control them responsively.
Hero Masthead - Dramatic hero sections with an image background and text overlay.
Accordion - Add multiple tabs with description that expand and contract on click. Great for mobile experience.
Advanced Tabs - Add multiple tabs in a traditional tab format
Advanced Slider - Slideshow with multiple images and a legend navigation


Does this work on ALL BigCommerce Themes?

It will work on all BigCommerce stencil themes. You may have to add some page builder fields if your theme doesn't have those installed yet.

How do I add a page builder field to my theme?

In your stencil theme file, you can insert this where you want a page builder field:

{{{region name="fieldname"}}}

Just replace the field name text with what you want to name it. The name only shows in the code but must be unique.

If you want it to be a global field, meaning that it appears in multiple templates, which would be important in the header or footer for example, add a '--global' at the end like this:

{{{region name="fieldname--global"}}}