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Pinterest Marketing for Ecommerce

As one of the fastest growing sales resources in the social media world, Pinterest Marketing is here to stay. With over 150 million active users now engaged with the Pinterest phenomena, if you haven’t already set up a business account, you’re missing out. But it’s not too late. We have the insight to channel more clients to your business using powerful Pinterest marketing tools that are proven to get results.

What is Pinterest Marketing?

First off, you’ll need to distinguish between a business account and a personal account. We can help tailor a Pinterest business account that specifically targets your niche, getting your valuable content in front of the right people (potential customers). Using rich content, coupled with pins that pop, we will find your future clients in the places they frequent. Did you know that the colors you use, whether or not your pins have faces on them, even the specific time you pin ALL have an influence on how effective your Pinterest marketing campaign will be? These factors will make an impact. We will use our extensive inbound marketing knowledge to put you ahead of your competition.

Why You Need a Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Here are a few numbers to show you why a Pinterest marketing strategy needs to be implemented right away:

  • The average pin leads to two site visits and six page views. Imagine what hundreds could do?
  • It’s not just for women, the male user rate has increased by double in the last year. And this number will continue to rise.
  • Nearly one-third of Fortune 500 companies have created Pinterest accounts in just the last year. They might also know a thing or two about business.
  • Pins will typically be repinned about ten times on average. Even the worst performers will still find some success at that rate. But the sky is the limit for the home runs!
  • It is a visual search engine. And a fairly new one, that has different search dynamics than Google. This means, with the right SEO assistance, you can rank higher, faster.
  • You can join boards with like-minded followers to engage huge numbers of people. Some boards have tens of thousands of followers. Just think of the possibilities!

This is just a sample of what Pinterest Marketing can do. Are you ready to become a superstar? With some hard work and professional guidance, success is the only step left to take. Follow the link for more information on social media marketing and other marketing services.

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