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Four Headlines That Work Like Magic

Jan 14,2023, 9:34 PM| Updated 452 days ago

Jan 24, 2023

A mentor once said that every day you don’t engage in an email marketing campaign is a day where you are leaving money on the table.

The average American person comes into contact with over 5,000 advertisements every day. Think about it: we see television ads, radio ads, billboard ads, internet ads, bus ads, and so much more every single day. It is harder and harder for marketers to stand out from the crowd. That is the bad news about SEO. On the flip side of that coin, there is a copious amount of ways you can reach your audience, and by extension grow your business. Nevertheless, you need the right (or should I say write) tools for the job. You need effective copywriting that has been proven to work. This article will provide four effective headlines you can use (no matter what industry you are in) to get your customers to open more emails and click on more articles.

The Lazy Man’s Way To…

This is an absolute gem that is woefully underutilized in the business world. The title is brilliant because it not only appeals to lazy people, but also to motivated people as well. This is because motivated people are always looking to improve, to become better. They are willing to do the hard things for success. How much more are they willing to do something easy? This is a targeted headline that actually appeals to everyone. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Get Rid of Your Worries Once and for All

Lingering problems are a nuisance to say the least. There is the faucet that drips every night while you are trying to sleep. There is the dryer that doesn’t get the clothes completely dry. There is the roof that leaks water into the shed. People love the idea of getting rid of a problem that annoys them, banishing it far away. This headline, along with your informative article, will give them that pleasure.

A Little Known Fact About…

There is a skepticism among certain people about total secrets. People cannot accept that no-one knows about a certain fact, and sometimes hyperbole can backfire a bit. For instance, the title “Unknown Secret About SEO” might cause some skepticism. The reader might look at the title and scoff. The thought process is as follows: this can’t be an unknown secret because the author knows about it and all the people who read the blog know about it. On the other hand, using the title “A Little Known Secret About SEO” is unlikely to cause doubt in the mind of your prospect. It is much easier to swallow that something is little known, as opposed to being unknown. Even better, something that is little known still has great value, particularly when compared to something that most people know, or something that everybody knows. This headline gives you the best of both worlds; this headline is alluring and tenable.

This  Is Almost Too Easy…

Quite simply, this one is a classic, and it is so flexible as well. For instance, you might write, “This copywriting hack is almost too easy,”. If you have a practical piece of advice that you are sharing with your audience, then this is a superb headline template to consider. People love the idea of something being easy, but also they might feel that nothing worth doing is easy. So, this title appeals to both of their beliefs. It says that your piece of advice isn’t quite easy; it takes some skill/thought and is worth learning. However, the way the article is titled makes you think it is much easier to learn than most hard things, which is a very attractive proposition to the visitor who wants to improve himself.

Use these copywriting hacks to improve your marketing plan. Contact us if you would like to learn more about growing your business.

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