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Six Conversion Tips for Video Landing Pages

Jan 14,2023, 9:34 PM| Updated 450 days ago

Jan 26, 2023

Compared to processing images, the human brain is quite slow at interpreting text. Text is also information poor. It’s devoid of the secondary information you get when talking to someone in person such as body language, facial expressions, voice intonations, and the person’s overall demeanor. This grants us some insight into conversion tips and how to better suit content into conversions.

Text is a kind of disembodied form of communication that merely communicates pure thought. This is why so many people prefer video over text. It’s easier to process and tells you more about the person behind the message. This makes it a more personable form of communication that people are more likely to trust. For this reason, video is a highly effective conversion tool when used on landing pages.

However, not any old video will do the job. Effective use of video on landing pages must follow certain best practices, six of which are discussed below.

Video Conversion Tips

Keep Your Demographic in Mind When Producing the Video

Just as you would tailor your writing style so that it’s agreeable to your target audience, so should you customize your videos. While a highly emotional video is effective at getting donations for building an animal shelter, it is inappropriate for convincing engineers to order industrial pumps. An animated video is very effective with some markets but a poor choice for others.

There are many types of videos and many elements that go into their production. For example, one element used in video is background music. Using music requires making decisions about using an appropriate style set at the right volume. The many variables of video production can be used to great effect provided they’re tailored for your specific demographic.

Limit Your Video Length to About 60 Seconds

Unlike text that allows for quick scanning, watching video is a time commitment. Keep your videos brief. They should only include the essential benefits of your service or product. Make your value proposition clear and give an explicit call to action that tells the viewer what to do next.

Have a Single Purpose for Your Video

The video’s focus should center around one call to action. Discuss only those benefits that are relevant to that call to action. A video with multiple calls to action that forces viewers to make choices, is confusing and fails to convert. Similarly, a video with multiple purposes that serves to introduce the viewer to your website, your team, your company, and also asks them to buy your product is equally confusing and ineffective.

Test Your Video with a Post-Roll Animation

An animated arrow at the end of the video that directs the viewer’s eye to the link that you want them to click, increases conversions. It serves as a visual reinforcement of the video’s verbal call to action. The post-roll animation should coincide with the call to action statement.

Center the Video Above the Fold

When people first land on your page, they aren’t going to scroll down the page to look for your video. They will spend a few seconds assessing the page by what they view above the fold. Your video is an important conversion element and must be the first thing they see.

Use a Script

While this seems obvious to many people, off the cuff videos are not uncommon online. Small businesses run by lone individuals are often guilty of this practice. There is a mistaken belief that using a script makes you come across as stiff or mechanical. This is only true if the script wasn’t sufficiently rehearsed.

Rehearse the script enough times so that it becomes internalized. This allows you to speak fluidly yet concisely. Impromptu videos come across as amateurish because the person stumbles along, unnecessarily repeats himself, and wastes the viewer’s time by explaining unimportant tangents.

When produced correctly, video is a powerful conversion tool for your landing pages. Use the above best practices and remember that your goal is not to produce the next viral video sensation. It’s to make your visitors commit to your call to action. For more information about conversion tips and techniques and how to improve your landing pages, contact us today.

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