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Using Digital Marketing to Attract Customers

Jan 14,2023, 9:34 PM| Updated 442 days ago

Jan 24, 2023

The realm of digital marketing continues to rely on social media to help bring the concept of conversation and personalized content into the marketing equation. Back in the early days of social media, this was an exciting prospect for businesses seeing the future of what marketing would become. Unfortunately, many of those businesses set a precedent where hard-selling on social media became a norm, and as a transfer of selling technique from the outside world.

Then came the concept of spam on social media, which set another precedent for how people felt about it. After almost 20 years of spam on the Internet, and about a decade of it found on social media, people are more than tired of its existence.

The problem is that you still find too many businesses who spam people on places like Twitter and other social media channels. This kind of tactic is close to archaic based on emerging trends in digital marketing where nurturing relationships with prospective customers is more important.

With that in mind, how do you tackle digital marketing now without doing any real selling of your company or products? You do it through conversation and content that attracts rather than repels.

Building a Community

It does take time to build a community that could potentially become your loyal customers, but the time taken is more than worth it. On social media, conversation is everything, though what you say matters on whether you gain loyal followers or get blocked.

On Twitter, particularly, you have a great platform for discussions by doing a simple hashtag search under topics related to your industry. Here, you can attract prospects with conversations that prove your expertise within the topic rather than going in for a hard-sell.

You absolutely have to reel in any hint of selling on Twitter or people will deem you an immediate spammer. It’s still unbelievable how many businesses still use spam-like selling on places like Twitter, yet they’ll soon fall behind as new marketing paradigms take over.

Using conversations, you set up friendships and follows. Once you start posting marketing content on your social media accounts, these people are already following you and will see what you post.

Attracting Leads with Your Content

It helps to focus on marketing personas where you accumulate big data on existing customers to find what your typical customer wants. While you can do this for information about products, it works just as well for marketing content.

By finding out what people would respond to in the way of content, you have a more targeted way of reaching the demographics you need to attract. Most likely, you’ll find most people don’t want content with even a hint of selling.

No matter if you don’t create customer personas, it’s always better to create marketing content that informs in an entertaining way. It’s one reason infographics have become so popular recently because they take potentially dry subjects and turn them into visually fun and informative graphics.

Most consumers want to know why your products are better than your competitors. As such, it’s time you added another layer to this marketing mix: Creating content with value.

Valuable Content

You should never create blogs, videos, or infographics if you don’t really have anything valuable to say. Providing exclusive information about your products and tying it into solving personal or business problems are your real keys to making content worth its salt.

This is the type of content that’s also more apt to go viral on social media because it contains information you can’t find through a simple Google search.
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