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May 16, 2023

Is bigcommerce down? Here's How to Find Out

In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, every second counts. When your online store faces issues, it can be a nerve-wracking experience. You might find yourself asking, "Is BigCommerce down?" If you've ever been in this situation, you're not alone. Kal, the CEO of Epic Design Labs, a leading bigcommerce development agency platform, has created a comprehensive video guide to help you navigate such situations with ease.

How to Check BigCommerce's Status

Kal starts the video by addressing the pressing question: "Is BigCommerce down?" He empathizes with the viewer's concerns and immediately dives into the solution. BigCommerce, being a reliable e-commerce platform, has a dedicated maintenance website - This maintenance site provides customers and users with real-time updates on all the capabilities and status of various server components.

  • Minute-by-minute updates on BigCommerce status

  • Breakdown of different server components and their current status

  • Insights into how server status and issues might impact your storefront

Kal emphasizes that even if a component or a service provider is down, it might not necessarily affect sales in your bigcommerce or online store. At the time of the video recording, everything was running smoothly, reinforcing BigCommerce's impressive 99.9% uptime.

Addressing Common SSL Issues

Another common concern among store owners is the SSL certificate issue. Kal sheds light on this by explaining:

  • The difference between BigCommerce's free SSL and third-party ones

  • How to test your SSL certificate using

  • Steps to resolve SSL issues and ensure your site's security

He also touches upon the fact that SSL certificates expire annually, so it's crucial for server users to keep them updated.

Join the E-commerce Community

Towards the end, Kal extends an invitation to viewers who are new to BigCommerce or e-commerce in general. He encourages them to check out his course and join the free community service at This community service serves as a valuable resource for budding bigcommerce engineers and e-commerce business enthusiasts.

Take Action Now!

Don't let technical issues and glitches slow you down. Equip your bigcommerce engineers and yourself with the knowledge to tackle them head-on. Watch the video above to get all the insights from Kal and ensure your e-commerce store runs seamlessly. If you find the video helpful, don't forget to give it a like and share it with other enterprise ecommerce store owners who might benefit from it.

Video Transcript:
(Is bigcommerce down? Here's How to Find Out)

Is big commerce down? Yikes, I hate that you're asking the question, but let me show you where to find the answer. Obviously, this isn't a live video, but I'll show you where to get an up-to-date answer. Before we get started, my name is Kal, and I'm a developer and a store owner just like you.

BigCommerce Status Page

Let me share my screen. the company Bigcommerce has a BigCommerce Status Page website that they keep up-to-date status, minute by minute official status pages, called This is where they show you all the BigCommerce status history different pieces of their servers and what's up or what's down including BigCommerce outages.

Now there are times when something is down, but it doesn't affect your bigcommerce storefront. So just because a piece of this has an issue doesn't mean that that's what's causing your bigcommerce website maintenance issue. You can see at the time of the video that everything's looking great. And BigCommerce does maintain stores with 99.9% uptime. So it doesn't happen very often. But I wanted to make this video to show you guys where to get that answer.

Also, one of the most common reasons I hear people ask if it's downloaded is that they're having an SSL issue with access to your security certificate. Now, Big Commerce does provide you with one for free. And if you make outages having an issue with access to it, you can have them update it; if you're using a third-party one, those are usually going to be a lot more problematic and costly. So I don't recommend it. But you can test your bigcommerce SSL certificate by going to this other site,

And then just type in your address. Prove to them that you're not a robot and click submit on the test page. And if everything's working right, or if something is wrong with your certificate and this is why your page isn't resolving, then you'll see it passed maybe a couple of these tests, but not all of them.

And that's, you know, a dead ringer, for I have an every server or SSL problem. If you need to get your server or SSL updated, all you have to do is call Big Commerce and have them reapply the server or SSL certificate. And that'll usually fix it. Certificates do expire every year. So it is something that happens.

But anyway, hopefully, you know, that helps you guys out.

And if you guys are new to big commerce or if you're new to the business and e-commerce, be sure to check out my course. I'll put the link below status page and invite you to join our free community at If you found this helpful, give me a like, and I hope your stores and sites will back up very soon.

Thank you