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4 Exciting Ways Pinterest Marketing Will Increase Your E-commerce Traffic

Jan 14,2023, 9:34 PM| Updated 450 days ago

Jan 26, 2023

One of the fastest growing opportunities for Ecommerce business owners is through Pinterest marketing. Founded in 2010, it’s young enough in the online world to become a valuable resource that even marketing challenged individuals can take advantage of. But perhaps best of all, it’s a visual marketplace to share your products and ideas. Here’s a look at 5 of the most exciting reasons why you or your company should create a Pinterest marketing campaign.

Pinterest Marketing is a Must Have For Your Business

With a relatively newer platform with still untapped resources, getting on the Pinterest bus before it’s too late needs to happen right away. Here is a handful of the best Pinterest marketing strategies to increase E-commerce traffic:

Create and Optimize Your Boards, Then Join Other Successful Boards

The “boards” will be the home for all of your pins related to that board. When you create your Pinterest boards, you should keep in mind that the descriptions you use for your boards will describe what your boards are about, as well as help users find your content. Using keyword rich descriptions for your boards, such as “Pinterest Marketing” can be a good start for a general campaign. A refined and more specific board such as “Pinterest Marketing for E-Commerce” can help expand your traffic net, while also targeting particular niches where you might have a high level of expertise. Plus, you have a much greater chance to be found in the Pinterest search engine…

Pinterest Has Its Own Search Engine, so Dominate it

Similar to Google, Pinterest uses a search engine aimed towards providing the best possible answer for any query submitted by its users. The goal here is to be that best answer and gain more traffic through others sharing and repinning your content. Consider too that Pinterest is a visually stimulating site. This means that in addition to your standard keyword practices, your SEO team should also be factoring in colors, designs, and other click-enticing metrics. It doesn’t have to be overly flashy, but certain colors, faces, fonts, and descriptions all factor into what becomes a share-worthy pin. Being at the top of search engines such as Pinterest and their 150+ million users can be a huge traffic and revenue increase to your E-commerce store.

Optimize Pins And Use The Rich Pins Feature

This is another opportunity to use your keywords to create descriptions targeting your E-commerce products or services. A description doesn’t need to be excessive, as research has shown that around 200 characters are considered to be the prime number. Make sure it describes what you are pinning, with a targeted keyword or two, and a stimulating word or phrase to increase the likelihood of clicking and repinning. The title of this article is between 70-75 characters, just to give you a ballpark idea of how many characters you can or should use. This optimal character number has matched well with infographics in the past, as long as they’re informative and visually appealing.

The “rich pins” feature needs meta tags added to your website, and they will require you to apply for them to be enabled by Pinterest. If this is overly technical, have your web developer or support team help you do this. The advantages are worth it, however; You get an additional description field for more content, including a link to your site (optional, but suggested) below rich pins. Plus, they tend to look aesthetically better, more specified to the particular user search, and increase the positive user experience.

Continually Cycle Content and Have the Pin Button Installed

One of the most frustrating complaints in content creating is writing a detailed and informative masterpiece, only to have nobody ever see it. With effective Pinterest marketing, you can recycle content so that every piece is given a chance to be seen at varying points throughout the year. The more content you have, the better odds that nobody will recognize seeing a piece before. But, for example, if you have 100 articles, you can recycle one per day, and not see that one again for over 3 months. So it remains relatively fresh, even as you add more content. Plus, that beautiful blog you wrote will be given more chances to succeed.

Installing the pin button will save time, for you and your guests. It comes complete with help for installing the pin it button, and makes sharing your content easier for everyone. Just as social media sharing dramatically boosts traffic and can be immensely profitable for your e-Commerce store, so too is having a “viral pin”.

If you haven’t started an account yet, don’t wait any longer. A Pinterest Marketing expert can help you navigate through any of the difficult areas, plus include deeper analytics that offers greater insight into the most profitable channels for your e-Commerce store.

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