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May 16, 2023

How Remove the Newsletter on BigCommerce

Are you struggling to remove the newsletter opt-in box from the footer of your BigCommerce website? We understand the frustration of not finding a straightforward setting to disable it. In this informative video, Kal, our exceptional developer, will guide you through the process, ensuring you can easily remove the newsletter box without hassle.

Kal, the mastermind behind Ecommerce Growth Community, shares his expertise and reveals the secrets to customizing your BigCommerce theme effectively. The demo store featured in the video provides a practical example, making it easier for you to follow along.

By accessing the "Advanced" section and editing the theme files, you can modify your website's footer. Kal navigates through the templates and components to locate the exact file responsible for powering the footer. He demonstrates how to identify each section and discusses their purposes, such as displaying categories, pages, brands, and contact information.

The highlight of the video focuses on removing the newsletter subscription section. Kal advises against deleting it entirely and instead shows you how to comment it out using Stencil. You'll learn the precise commenting syntax and witness the immediate disappearance of the newsletter box upon applying the changes.

Please note that when using the Stencil Theme Editor, it may take a few minutes for your modifications to reflect on the front end. While the process may be slower than using Stencil local, the end result is worth the wait.

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Watch the video now to gain full control over your BigCommerce website's footer and enhance your overall user experience.

Video Transcript:
(How Remove the Newsletter on BigCommerce)

So how do you remove the newsletter box, the opt in box from the footer on big commerce. In this video, I'm gonna show you guys how before we get started, my name is Kal, I'm a developer extraordinaire, just like you and I run the E commerce growth community, there'll be a link after the video, if you're interested in joining is free. And let me share my screen.

All right. So this is this is the demo store that I'm looking at right now.

And this is what we're talking about right here is the subscribe to our newsletter. And you would think that they would just put a setting in the customizer to just remove it, but they don't. So what you're going to do instead is go to Advanced, and then edit theme files that will open up basically this right here, and it's not showing our home dot HTML, but it is under templates, components. Common footer, so this is your file that powers your whole footer. And if you're on a different theme, if you're not at Cornerstone, it might be in a different spot, but it's probably somewhere along these lines.

Alright, so when we go into the footer, up here, we have a banner section, followed by the actual footer here. And here's where the container is for all the columns. And then you'll see this is a column here that has social links.

Here's one that has your navigation menu items. Here's one that has your categories. And you can just look at the the little thing and each section and say, Okay, this is showing my categories, this is showing my pages. This is showing my brands. This is showing my address and my phone number. And then we come to this one right here, which happens to be the last in the cornerstone footer of the articles. And it says newsletter subscription. If the settings for show newsletter box are enabled, didn't show the newsletter box, otherwise show.

Well show payment icons, whether it does or does not. And so while they don't expose this, you can come in here and just I wouldn't delete this, I would just comment it out. And the way to do that with stencil is to hit curly bracket, curly bracket, exclamation mark dash dash. And that starts the commenting and then go to where you want to end the commenting and hit dash dash in curly bracket and curly bracket. And basically everything in between is just going to be commented out so won't show up on the page anymore. And that will basically do it you got hit Apply. And when you're using the the stencil Theme Editor, it does take a minute or two for the changes that you make to actually show up on the site.

So it'll take a good you know, 20 seconds to actually save the change and then it'll take another two or three minutes after that for to actually show up on the front end. And it is painfully slow.

This is why developers like using stencil local because it's so much faster. Okay, so that change is saved let's refresh it will refresh it a couple of times. Oh, there you go. It disappeared already. So you can see because I only commented out the newsletter box I didn't comment out the whole article that the payment icons are still showing there.

And so that's showing right there where those are. So hopefully you guys found this helpful if you did give me a like and if you guys are annuity commerce, consider checking out my course. links up there and it'll be in the description. Also, be sure to join our our community AD Join ecommerce and see you guys on the next one. Thank you so much.