How to Remove the Homepage Carousel on BigCommerce
Feb 5, 2023

How to Remove the Homepage Carousel on BigCommerce

Hey! Do you want to remove your carrousel template from your homepage lets show you how. Why would you want to eliminate it? Well, homepage heroes reduce your conversion rate. So let's see how: From your dashboard, go to Storefront Design + My Themes, click on 'customize. ' The new window that opens up, scroll down to the carousel on the left-hand navigation and click on this. Turn off the carousel and publish the theme. This will hide your carousel.

Video Transcript:
(How to Remove the Homepage Carousel on BigCommerce)

Hey there, in this video, I'm going to show you guys how to remove the built in carousel from the cornerstone template on Bigcommerce. Now, if you're on a different template, it may be the same as this may be a little bit different. But one thing is for certain the built in original

carousel graphics for big commerce, have the worst carousel example images ever.

All right, let's show you how to get rid of it. Now, you may be getting rid of this because you've read quite correctly that homepage heroes reduce your conversion rate they do so many studies have proven this, I know that there's still a lot of store owners that are hanging on to the concept of I gotta have a hero graph, I have to have a hero carousel, you know, but you know, you're here watching this video, because you already know this. So let me show you where to go to get it.

Now, one thing I used to do, back when I was, uh, back when I was a child, is I'd go into storefront homepage carousel. And I would just remove the second, third and fourth images so that I only had one, one slide effectively in my carousel. And if I click save, and go back to the front end, you'll notice that you know, the left, right arrows are gone, the dots are gone, because it's no longer a carousel, the slider, JavaScript that Bigcommerce uses slick slider, it automatically knows that if there's only one slide, don't make it slide, right. But all that JavaScript is still in there. And you know, this HTML overlay looks really, really bad. So I think we probably want to just remove it anyway, what I usually do is I just get rid of the carousel altogether. And I use a static image widget. So let me show you how to do that. We go back into the back end and go under storefront themes.

Then we can click customize to go into the customizer.

And you know, you can comment this out in the actual code. But you don't really need to, because if you click on this theme Styles button right here, and then click into homepage, there is a opt in there an opt in a checkmark

of the there's a checkmark right there. This says show carousel. And this is an if statement that surrounds the whole carousel block in the code. So when we turn this off, it's effectively just it's not even commenting out the carousel, it's making it never show up in the in the code in the first place, which is pretty cool. So all you have to do is uncheck that where it says Show carousel and you can see it's gone. Now it doesn't matter if you have images still loaded in the carousel feature in the back end or not. Once you once you uncheck that it's gone from the page. And if you do want to put a static hero image back in here, you can use one of the widgets here from our published app, which is epic page builder widgets, or you can use this this default one that Bigcommerce gives you that just says image. And it again has a really ugly placeholder. But you can click

upload image, go to the Upload tab and upload whatever you got. I'm going to just scroll down to one that I have uploaded into the past and say okay, there's my new hero image. And now I have a static hero image. I don't have any of the the carousel JavaScript baggage. It's completely shut off and just click Publish at the end. So hopefully you guys found this helpful.

Leave me a comment. Let me know what you guys are stuck on. If you need to develop merch for your store. Reach out to me at Epic design And I really appreciate you guys being here. And I'll see you guys in the next one. Thanks