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What is the BigCommerce API

Jan 14,2023, 11:13 PM| Updated 453 days ago

Jan 23, 2023

Did you know that APIs, more specifically, BigCommerce API can give your store a powerful edge over stores built on other platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce? In this video, I'll get into BC's APIs and how you can easily deploy them to your store!

⭐ MORE INFO ON BIGCOMMERCE STENCIL FRAMEWORK⭐ BigCommerce's API coverage is incredibly impressive - as is the number of API calls that BigCommerce can process per second.

In fact, it can handle 100 times more API calls per second than Shopify Plus! Shopify limits you to just two API requests a second, or four APIs per second if you’re a Shopify Plus user. Whereas BigCommerce can handle a whopping 400 API calls per second!

Check out the video and as always, reach out if you have questions!

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