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MiniPIM App Setup

May 16,2023, 1:31 AM| Updated 340 days ago

In this video we go over how to set up the MiniPIM app for BigCommerce.

How to Use the MINIPIM App by Epic. You are the content director for Epic Design Labs, a digital agency specializing in E-commerce. Write a 200-300 word summary that will introduce a video article post on the website and encourage the reader to watch the video.

AI Note

Set a custom field if not present, and you want to read for custom fields. Make sure that you separate the name from the value with a colon, right? This other one is for if you are pairing customer Custom Fields up with a variant trigger. So that's not important to us right now. But what we want to do to set this custom field is say set custom field to product type. And let's put the value as a replacement product type replacement.

AI Note

The automatic portion of the rule set is something that keeps your products always working this way. There are a bunch of triggers here already available including title brand, custom field category, description, price creation date, and then modifiers variants and meta fields. You can trigger it based on all kinds of stuff.

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