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Feb, 27 2021Case Study: Bully Sticks Direct


Bully Sticks Direct was preparing to launch an aggressive growth strategy. This included a sizable investment in their marketing spend. In order to achieve this, they had to revamp their brand from design to full-stack functionality.

Scope of Work

Because our scope of work spanned from design to systems engineering, we separated our efforts into 3 major categories. Within each, our strategy resulted in the following:

Brand Identity

  • Recommended a new color palette to better reflect the product & natural ingredients.
  • Designed a new, streamlined logo & website artwork.
  • Incorporated “Why, Bully Sticks Direct?” The goal was to showcase the high quality product & why dog lovers have formed a cult-following.

User Experience

  • Constructed a new menu for quick product search & easier ordering.
  • Created a showcase area on the site to spotlight the customer experience & reviews with Bully Sticks Direct.
  • With each order, Bully Sticks Direct offers free shipping. This benefit wasn’t clear so we retrofitted all CTA’s to be concise & visible.

Back-End Development

  • Optimized how products were aligned with the category. On the previous site, once the category was clicked the visitor had to sort through every product. Today the menu is intuitive & visual. Finally, the shopper can easily find the product of interest.
  • Built out the back-end for future subscription orders.
  • Optimized the site for mobile. All desktop CTA’s morph into visual slideshows for better viewing.

Here is the before and after



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