The Challenge

Bully Sticks Direct came to us rocking a premade template that was not getting great results for them. The conversion rate wasn't high enough to warrant or cover the cost of marketing so the growth trajectory was pretty stagnant.

We needed to start with the basics and turn the store into a conversion machine so that marketing could even be started and allow the business to grow.

The Solution

Initially, we built a customer starter theme for them, reducing the cost of the transformation with a smaller initial scope of work.

Relaunch went well and an immediate boost in sales occurred without any additional marketing, proving the effectiveness of the new design.

Bully Sticks then engaged us to do more design upgrades, add recurring subscriptions to the store, and eventually take over their marketing from other agencies that were not getting them great results.

In the end, we have provided custom design, development, support services, SEO, paid ads, custom product feeds, UX optimization, klaviyo email & SMS implementations as well as campaigns, and built out reviews and rewards programs.

The Result

  • Ecommerce Sales Stats - YOY 125% Growth

  • Ecommerce Conversion Rate - 80+% Improvement

  • Average Order Value 30% Improvement

  • Paid Traffic 125% Improvement

  • Organic Sales 213% Improvement

How Bully Sticks Direct Upped their Growth with Epic (from 180% to 214%) without increasing costs.

Bully Sticks Direct - the answer to pet owners’ need to purchase high-quality, natural dog treats. They offer incredible prices and save their customers money on every purchase.

Epic Design Labs has helped Bully Sticks Direct begin to scale, adapt, and grow in a challenging market - bucking downward trends faced by other retailers in their space.

Bully Sticks - like so many e-commerce brands - was stuck in a rut working with a couple of lackluster marketing agencies. The client was spending all their time managing each agency and attempting to obtain the type of growth they wanted. Since our team launched the marketing program, they are now realizing 213% growth over the same period in the prior year.

We had worked with them for over a year with our Proactive Growth Support Plan where we monitor and maintain the site, offer a blend of “DFY” done for you, and “DWY” done with you service. This allowed them to see regular growth, but without a marketing team aligned with their goals, they weren’t seeing the rate of growth they wanted.

Enter our new marketing services. We took a deep dive, scouring the site for areas of improvement, from usability to technical SEO, an intensive process where we forensically review and analyze the site with multiple technologies paired with our team’s 15 years of SEO experience.

Alongside that effort, our team built a high-performance custom shopping feed to power Google Shopping Ads. New Ads written, new campaigns created, and existing assets optimized. We also built out a lucrative Reviews & Rewards program and helped the client achieve Google Trusted Store status. We most recently revised the product pages with a simplified, straightforward “add to cart” objective.

Our team regularly meets with the team at Bully Sticks Direct to share ideas for growth. Although we’re happy about what we’ve accomplished thus far, we’re beyond excited about empowering our client to succeed.