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Most business owners need a site they can cost effectively run themselves. They also need a site that is easy to add content to and blog for their business, as blogging is very effective for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  That is where WordPress comes in.

We Love WordPress

WordPress is a website framework that currently forms the underpinnings of over 75 million websites on the internet. That’s more than 20% of the sites currently active on the web. It offers the site owner a backend admin panel that you can log into and make instant changes to your website content. You can easily install plugins that add new functionality to your site. With so much market acceptance, it’s very easy to find people to work on your site as many many people are experienced with it.

WordPress is GREAT for:

  • Information sites
  • Location based businesses like dentists, roofers, etc
  • Bloggers
  • Getting started on the web
  • Inexpensive websites

The drawbacks of WordPress include:

  • Security flaws
  • Compatability issues between versions and plugins
  • It is unsuitable for ecommerce (shopping carts)

These drawbacks may sound scary but the issues do tend to be few and most people find the inexpensive nature of the platform to be worth the risks. We do caution strongly against using it for ecommerce, but otherwise WordPress can make a great foundation for your business.

Epic Design Labs builds custom wordpress sites. If you’d like to discuss whether WordPress is right for you and how we might help, give us a call!

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