10 Free Email Templates to Boost Your Marketing Plan
Jan 22, 2023

10 Free Email Templates to Boost Your Marketing Plan

Email Marketing Isn’t Dead

You’ve probably read that email is dead, or a more optimistic tout, that it’s dying. This statement has been floating around for a long time and it can’t be further from the truth!

Email marketing is far from new, but it has changed, thanks to marketing & social posting automation. That means if you use these tools strategically and you create email templates ahead of time, you will make your life easier. Additionally, your email marketing will be more targeted and effective.

We’ve Done The Hard Work For You!

Sitting down, designing email templates along with writing copy AND sourcing/formatting photos can feel like too much. However, if you take each piece and “batch” the work, you can do that all in just a few days.

Here’s the best part! We’ve put together 10 FREE email marketing templates to get you started. Just click the link below and you’ll find the templates starting on page 4. Just cut/paste the text, tailor it to your business and use this to build out your marketing automation setup. This will save you loads of time when it comes to launching campaigns AND you can implement A/B tests on content, layout – and more!

Need Help? Just Ask!

Need help with your email marketing strategy? We’re a full service agency and we’re just a call or email away! Also, we’ll give you a free website audit. Give us a call at: 503-536-7350 or drop us a line right here!