Jan 25, 2023

Why Email Marketing Continues to Be Highly Effective

Email marketing has always been a powerful tool. Although it is over twenty years old, it has not lost its effectiveness despite the appearance of other marketing channels such as social media. It remains relevant today because people still find it useful in their everyday lives.

Email is more difficult to ignore than other marketing mediums. Unlike content on a website which you can miss if you do not visit the site, you are forced to deal with the email in your inbox in one way or another. You must either read or delete each one to keep your inbox queue under control. If the email marketer provides quality content, does a good job of writing compelling email subject lines, and keeps the emails clear of spam filters, his or her content has a good chance of being read.

One of the reasons for email marketing’s continued effectiveness is that it’s proactive. The marketer takes control by sending content to recipients rather than publishing content online in the hope that traffic finds and reads it. However, this is not the only reason email still works today:

Email marketing Is Cost Effective

Compared to other forms of direct marketing such as telemarketing and paper mail, email marketing is low-cost. A good autoresponder service might cost you about $20 per month. The other cost will be your time spent writing the emails. The use of an autoresponder allows you to write a series of emails that are automatically sent out according to a preset schedule. Once you finish with a series of emails, the work is mostly done since every new subscriber is sent the timed email series automatically. Of course, you can modify emails within the series or send additional emails.

Email Has Analytics

Autoresponder services typically have features that allow you to track email open rates, the number of click-throughs to your website, and the number of conversions (purchases, sign-ups, etc.). This allows you to experiment with subject lines and content to learn what works and what does not, and to test which times of day are best for sending emails.

It Is a Source of Quality Traffic to Your Website

Email is also useful for driving traffic to your website. Search engine traffic sent to your site rarely make return visits after they leave. When some of this traffic signs up to your email subscriber list, links within your emails can send them back to your website where they can read your content and/or make purchases. The email should have enough content to pique the reader’s interest and then encourage them to click to your website to read more.

Email Keeps Your Subscribers Informed and Builds a Relationship

When you wish to announce discounts or a new product rollout, a simple email notification is all it takes to get your sales going. If you have done your email marketing right, a good percentage of your list will respond to your announcements because of relationship building. By sending multiple emails over time, you will build a relationship with your subscribers which would not be possible with the one-time traffic landing on your website from a search engine.

Most People Use Email Including Your Mobile Customers

Whether they are desktop or mobile users, most people use email and check it once to several times a day. The same can not be said about social media usage. While social media is popular, it isn’t as universal a phenomenon as email usage. This also means that email provides easy access to mobile users without the need for additional software or technology.

With all the benefits listed above, there is no excuse for not using this vital marketing method. Don’t overlook email because of its age. It is relatively easy to use and highly profitable. Contact us today for more information on increasing your email marketing effectiveness.