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Kal Wiggins

By Kal wiggins

Jan 15,2023, 10:31 AM| Updated 459 days ago

Jan 17, 2023
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Over the last 15 years, Epic Design Labs has been known as a premier BigCommerce agency –creating top notch ecommerce websites and also retaining clients for ongoing ecommerce marketing support. We continue to be BigCommerce bigshots 😃 - and now even more so because...

We Launched a New BigCommerce App!

The pandemic was an eye-opener for businesses to that weren't selling online and motivated those that had a store, but not a well-functioning one.

Gone are the days when a business owner had to hire a high-priced agency to launch an online store. Today you can secure a business domain, ecommerce platform that not only hosts your store, but makes it pretty easy to operate.

There will always be a need for agency work, but we also know that as easy as it is to launch a store, so many never get beyond the free trial period.

I mean, lets face it, navigating platforms like BigCommerce and Shopify (for sure WordPress) can pose some stumbling blocks for the non-marketer/non-web developer-business owner.

Ecommerce the Epic Way

We love our clients and on the agency side, our dev & design teams will continue to build badass online stores and our growth management team will continue to support our marketing clients.

AND.... with our new App Development Team....

We'll be releasing several additional BigCommerce Apps and tools - our holiday gift to you!

And as we enter into 2022, we'll have even more Ecommerce Apps that will be released every month of Q1-2022. As of this writing (Q4-2021), our apps have launched on the BigCommerce platform only, but we'll be expanding to Shopify and more in 2022.

Here's Our Press Release - Click Here to Learn More

Did you know that we also launched a FREE Facebook community? We created "Ecommerce Growth Group" specifically for ecommerce store owners.

Inside the group we have weekly livestreams that focus on group member issues, business concerns and questions on how to launch and maintain their online store. Additionally, we provide training on our favorite tools, how to best use them and also arm the group with downloadable content to make their store a SUPER store!

Join us inside the group - click here for your group invite!

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