Jan 17, 2023

Website Designing and a Unique Home Page Narrative

The act of telling a story is a popular new trend in website designing because it helps connect with customers who want a more personal experience. It makes sense that customers want to learn as much about you as possible, particularly if they buy your products on a regular basis. Consumers want as much trust as possible from the companies they buy from after experiencing so many untrustworthy businesses having to recall the products they make.

While mistakes can happen, the more you can establish trust early in your website, the more apt customers will stick with you through any storms. Your home page on your website is the best place to set up a narrative that proves your worth, and it can almost be cinematic thanks to improved design technology.

Having your story told in an entertaining format can bring a powerful impact, just like movies do. The biggest challenge is figuring out how to optimize that without bogging your site down. In a mobile culture, you don’t want too many images or excessive animations making your site run slow.

Here’s some ways to create a unique narrative on your home page so those visiting at home or on mobile can get an idea of who you are in just seconds.

Website Designing that Includes Full-Screen Videos with Product Integration

No doubt you’ve seen a number of websites using full-screen videos that auto-play a quick narrative, sometimes with no sound. Even PayPal still does this where a silent video of anonymous business people help sell the concept of opening a PayPal business account.

These type of videos are worth using because they’re short and don’t take an excessive amount of bandwidth. They can also integrate with the products you sell as a perfect way to show how your products get used.

Using Hand-Drawn Illustrations

An excellent way to brand yourself as well as create a unique narrative is using custom or hand-drawn illustrations on your home page. This concept was recently deemed one of the top web design trends of this year and likely into 2016. It’s a design you possibly never expected when businesses expect customers want animations or slicker graphics.

The hand-drawn illustrations give you an opportunity to create something resembling a homemade book where you can tell a story about your products. Custom illustrations work well integrated into infographics since you can provide interesting product specs into an entertaining narrative format.

Combined with unique typography, part of your narrative can become a showcase for your standout brand.

Should You Use Cinemagraphs?

You’re starting to see cinemagraphs quite often now on home pages of websites. If you’ve never seen these before, they’re basically still images with one or two moving objects. Usually it’s banal items like curtains moving in a breeze or perhaps eye blinking on a model.

Some people find cinemagraphs eerie, though they’re fascinating to look at and can integrate well with showcasing your products. They don’t take as much bandwidth either as a large video or other animations. They can tell a story with simplicity while having a hypnotic quality that those viewing on mobile devices appreciate.

Contact us here at Epic Design Labs so we can help you with your website designing to create a narrative on your home page that works like a good short story.