Jan 25, 2023

Your Case Study Is A Lead Magnet

Did you know that a case study is one of the most valuable sales magnets? Having a case study is the ultimate way to show that your product/service is capable of delivering value. Unlike other forms of marketing where you try to convince potential leads that you can create value for them, your case studies show them.

Offer a Case Study as a Lead Magnet

If your product is complex, or if your sales-cycle is longer than 1-month, case studies make great lead magnets for your company!

Lead magnets are a fantastic way to utilize case studies. It gives you an opportunity to follow-up with people that react to your blog post on your socials. This also helps build social proof for those people that view people this interaction.

Share your case studies on social media – make sure your title is eye-catching

You invest a lot of time in creating your case studies, to earn a return you need to share them! Sharing them on social media with bold, results-oriented titles is a great way to increase views and conversions.

Here are some examples of compelling social media title formats:

  • How [Your Client] Increased Their Revenue by 20% in Two Months

  • [Your client] Increased Team Productivity by 10% Here’s How

  • [Client] Instantly Improved Brand Perception and Recognition Using this Design Strategy

Your title needs to be eye-catching and pique your audience’s curiosity. Your title should make the person stop their scroll to find out how your case subject achieved such impressive results.

Use Testimonials to Up to Your Case Study

Save yourself the time of gathering additional client testimonials by pulling the most compelling quotes from your case studies. Place the quotes on some combination of your home, about, contact and sales pages. Testimonials on your site in prime spots  give your visitors plenty of social proof, on your brand.

Pro-tip: If you’re not writing case studies yet or you need testimonials, reach out to your customers. Use a simple Google survey to make it easy for them to respond.

When Your Case Study is Downloaded – Trigger A Nurture Campaign

Mini versions of case studies are a great tool to remind former customers about the benefits of working with you. Shorten your case study to a 200-300 word email that focuses on the results.

Depending on where your lead resides in your marketing/sales cycle, segment your campaigns. Write your email copy based on those segments – this can increase your future engagement rates.

Your Case Study Data Tells a Story

The best way to ensure your case study is successful is to include real data. Your case study should illustrate how your product/service has increased their revenue/traffic/sales. This data tells a story of success and that’s what people need to read in order to build trust in your brand.

Additionally, case studies are great content pieces for leads at all stages of the marketing funnel. Above all, your goal is engagement. You need to engage your readers with useful, actionable info. Depending on where your lead is within the sales funnel, people will engage differently with your case studies & content. The key is to capture the visitor activity & use other marketing channels to move your lead to a sales opportunity. Here are some campaigns you should employ when your case study generates interest:

  • Always send a follow-up email thanking the lead for downloading. Include additional links to more content!

  • Even better – create drip & nurture campaigns in your marketing automation tool (Sharpspring, Marketo, Salesforce, etc.) .

  • Test re targeting campaigns. For instance, start with social ads, if successful, test into google ads.

  • Run A/B tests across your marketing channels where you have active and planned campaigns.

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