Add a Free Gift with Purchase on BigCommerce
Feb 5, 2023

Add a Free Gift with Purchase on BigCommerce

Free gift purchase is a great way to make your customers love you. So in this video, I'll show the different ways to do it.

Video Transcript:
(Add a Free Gift with Purchase on BigCommerce)

Free gift with purchase as a great way to really spiffy your customers and make them love you. Usually people, especially in like fashion brands and things, they always want to throw a little something in. And let me show you guys how to do that in this video. Before we get started. My name is Kal, I'm a store owner just like you as well, as a developer, I built big commerce stores for 13 years at the time of this filming, and a little bit commerce. So let me share my screen. And if you guys find this helpful, hit the subscribe button so you can see more me on the internet. Okay. So let me show you under the new big commerce promotions tab. Now they revamped this about a year ago. And it is super, super slick now, and this is one of the new options that they have.

This is something that on a lot of other platforms, you have to use a third party app to do. So this works really slick. I'm going to delete this out. And I'm going to click cre eight. And there's two choices at the time of this video, which is advanced editor or legacy editor, we're going to use the advanced editor, which is their new one, the legacy is the old one, which was definitely had some some more limitations. Now there are one or two things that people did become accustomed to with the legacy editor that you know, people may still want it. But we're using the advanced editor, and we're moving on. Alright, so let's call this free gift. And we're going to just say it starts today. Oh look, you guys can see when I'm recording this, and we're going to leave this the same you can you can obviously change it, if you want to start on a certain day, we're going to leave this exactly the same.

Basically, we're just trying to have a targeting that is so wide that it's going to be everybody. But if you want to narrow it down to just people in a certain segment, or people in Arkansas, or who knows what, then you can use additional targeting just like that. Now, this is an automatic promotion. So this doesn't require a coupon code the way that I'm setting it up. So the only thing we actually have to do is look at rules. And you very rarely will want to use usage limits, but we're going to look at rules real quick. And this is where we determine what it is that they're gonna get. So there's Bogo, there's buy X get percentage off, blah, blah, blah, we're gonna just use custom rules. Although you can actually get there from the buy one, get one free, but let's just use custom rules.

So we're going to click Next. And we're going to say if the customer buys products, reaching a quantity of one, we could also say if they hit at least, you know, $50 we're just gonna say hit quantity of one right now, including what products and individual products, which would that's basically the difference between this and BOGO. But we're gonna say all products, so if they order, just anything, we're gonna give them, you know, free something or other. Now, if you want to exclude people based on something, then you can say, you know, this doesn't include people that buy from my wholesale category, for example. And here we come down to the reward, we're gonna say, reward them with a gift in their cart. And you can say, once per cart, or unlimited ties per cart, you probably want to say once per cart, so you don't give them like 10 different free gifts.

So just leave that as once. And you want to say include one unit of and we got to click in here to where we pick out the product, because we're gonna give them we're gonna give them something cheap, we're gonna give them the bio orb water level guide feeder plug. Now let's give them this bio orb airstone. That's pretty good. Now they're gonna need some cleaning pads, we're gonna give them free cleaning pads with their purchase. So I'm going to just click, we're going to check that one, and click apply. So basically, if people buy anything, you know, once they add it to their cart, it's going to put this into their cart as well. So we do need to click Add Rule to the promotion. So we're gonna say, you know, after today's day, if, if they're buying with dollars, and if they buy anything in their cart, then they're gonna get this free gift. And you can you can daisy chain other rules on here as well. You can say usage limit.

So if you only have like, you know, 50 of these to give away, you probably want to limit it to only 50. So you don't over promise on these freebies, right? And you can determine whether or not this can or can't be used in conjunction with other promotions. I'm just going to say yes. And I'm going to create a promotion. Okay, so now it exists. And, you know, basically if somebody adds something to cart, they're gonna get this in their cart. So let's just come to the front end and let's add something to cart. So I'm gonna get one unit of sample productive. We got me grande In red, you know, you don't want to meet grande in green, and click Add to Cart. Go to my cart, and look what's in my cart. Got my muy grande and I got my bio or cleaning pads for free. Looks pretty cool.

Now what happens if I remove this product right is the free item gonna stay? Let's try it. Boom, it's gone. So they're only gonna get it. If they actually are buying something it does show up in cart so they don't have to complete their purchase to see it is going to show as soon as they're in the cart, which is pretty, pretty cool. And if they remove things, it's going to remove the free gift to use. You got to buy something and get a free gift. There's no, there's no such thing as a free sandwich. All right, so hopefully, this is something you guys are going to use in your store. I appreciate you guys checking out my video. Hit me up at Epic design If you want to talk about us helping you with your store, and leave me a comment with whatever you guys are stuck on and maybe that'll be my next video and see you the next one. Thank you so much.