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High-Risk Permissions in BigCommerce

Oct 01,2023, 9:26 PM| Updated 135 days ago

BigCommerce has continuously provided merchants with tools to bolster sales staff their e-commerce stores. One of the latest features to garner attention is the introduction of high-risk permissions. But what does this mean for you as a store owner, and more importantly, how can you utilize this feature to streamline your developer and sales staff's tasks?

Kal, the CEO of Epic Design Labs and a proficient bigcommerce developer, delves deep into this feature in his latest video.

The Heart of High-Risk Permissions

In a digital ecosystem where access permissions for individual users can determine the fate of sales manager a store's data integrity, BigCommerce's high-risk permissions come as a breath of fresh air for both developers and store owners. Kal illuminates the key aspects of this feature:

  • Location: Found under Account Settings when creating or editing a user account.

  • Purpose: To grant developers the authority to create, view, or delete API keys.

  • Types of API Keys: Two distinct API keys are highlighted; the CLI stencil keys (beneficial for developers for front-end tasks) and the v2 v3 API key (essential for apps to interact with your store).

Why Trusting Your BigCommerce Development Agency is Crucial

Granting high-risk app permissions, is no light matter. By giving this access, you're allowing your developer to communicate in and out of your system admin your store's data, making it easier for them to complete tasks without the constant need to bug you for user account permissions. Yet, as the term suggests, these user permissions come with risks. Kal, with his experience as both a developer and store owner, emphasizes the importance of placing trust in your Bigcommerce development agency. If there's a hint of doubt? Maybe it's time to reconsider who's handling your store's development.

If you're in the e-commerce realm, understanding the details and nuances of any new user account permissions, especially ones as critical as high-risk user account permissions in BigCommerce, is essential. Kal's video is a deep dive into the feature's practicalities and potential impacts on your store.

We've provided a snapshot, but the real essence and depth of knowledge are in the video itself. So, why wait?

Watch the full video above and get a comprehensive insight into high-risk permissions in BigCommerce.

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