How To Use Free SSL on BigCommerce
Feb 5, 2023

How To Use Free SSL on BigCommerce

In today's digital age, the security of online transactions is paramount. As e-commerce continues to dominate the retail landscape, ensuring your online store is secure has never been more crucial. But with so many options for paid certificates out there, how do you choose the right SSL certificate for your BigCommerce store? Kal, the CEO of Epic Design Labs, a renowned bigcommerce development agency, dives deep into this topic in his latest video.

Why SSL is Essential for Your E-Commerce Store

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificates play a pivotal role in ensuring the security of online transactions. It's the encryption technology that encrypts the data between a user's browser and the server, ensuring that sensitive information like credit card details remains confidential. When you verify your site has an SSL certificate, it displays a padlock in the user' address bar, signaling to visitors that their data is safe.

In the video, Kal, a developer and store owner himself, guides viewers through the process of accessing private key files, using encryption and managing SSL certificate settings on BigCommerce. He emphasizes the importance of the padlock symbol, which assures customers of their data's safety, potentially boosting trust and conversion rates.

BigCommerce Free SSL vs. Third-Party SSL

Kal presents viewers with a choice:

  • Opt for the free SSL certificate offered by BigCommerce.

  • Purchase a third-party SSL certificate that could set you back a few hundred dollars.

He candidly shares his perspective, stating that most customers don't differentiate between the two as long as the padlock symbol is visible on server certificate. Drawing from his extensive experience with server side, Kal reveals that he and 100% of his clients prefer the bigcommerce free ssl certificate. Not only is it cost-effective, but it also serves its primary purpose efficiently.

Key Takeaways from the Video:

  • How to navigate to the SSL certificate settings on BigCommerce.

  • The difference between BigCommerce's free SSL and third-party SSL certificates.

  • The negligible impact of third-party SSLs on conversion rates.

  • A quick hack to get the free SSL certificate applied even faster.

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Video Transcript:
(How To Use Free SSL on BigCommerce)

Hey, let's talk about SSL for big commerce. First of all, my name is Kal, I'm a developer, and I'm a bigcommerce store owner. And just like you, I help people with their e-commerce stores, and in this video, I want to talk about SSL certificates and the free SSH SSL certificate. If you're not familiar with SSL certificates, if this is foreign to you, it's basically the thing that shows your website or site as a padlock in the address bar to let everybody know that it's super, super secure, which is great to get to your SSL certificate settings and to share my screen, but you're going to go to Manage dot

Free SSL Certificate

And when you get logged in, you can click on SSL certificates. And it should show you all of your domains that have had SSL certificates successfully installed, including, if you've been around for a while, some that may be expired. And if you need to apply a new certificate, you can come here to where it says add new SSL certificate, and you can select the option. So I'm going to select the domain that I want to apply this next certificate to. And now we come to this screen where we have a choice, right? Do you want to install an SSL certificate from Big Commerce, i.e., the free one? Do you want to install a third-party SSL certificate, i.e., the one everybody wants to sell you for a couple hundred bucks, or something third-party where they just give you the controls and you can figure out what you want to do yourself? Now, you know, if you take your store seriously, a lot of places will make you feel like you need to buy a serious SSL certificate from Norton or whoever, because now everybody's going to really, really believe that you're legit and secure.

Third Party SSL Certificate

Here's my take: nobody cares. As long as you have the sleeve, as long as you have a padlock in the top, nobody cares, man, if it's third party or not. So to me, 100% of my clients and myself use the free SSL certificate from Big Commerce. And so to get that, you click on Choose a Certificate, and you just choose the free one. Now I've already got it installed. But if I didn't, then I could choose install it here. There are some, you know intermediate certificates, some additional ones you can purchase through Big Commerce if you want; again, you really don't need this at all. And I don't see it impacting your conversion rate one bit. So I don't know why anybody would pay, you know, a bunch of money for something. If it's not going to give them a benefit,

How to choose SSL Certificates

So I would not get any of these; I would just use the free version. And you can come through their website here. And you know, if I didn't have this applied already, I could click to apply it. It usually does apply within, you know, 10 minutes. And to be honest with you, there's an even faster way to get the supplier, which is just to call it big commerce. So if you just call your support number and put in your pin, then you can say, Hey, would you guys install my free certificate? And they all say yes, and it'll be installed in a couple of minutes. And it works right every time. Their support is really, really great. So I do recommend the free SSL certificate from Bigcommerce. It's all you need. And you know, whether you do it this way or just give them a call, it's next to no effort to install. And that's all you need to know. Leave me a comment if you guys found this helpful. If you guys have more questions about SSL certificates, or if you know something that I don't know, let me know as well. And I'll see you guys in the next one. Thank you so much.